Futons & Floor Rot

This weekend was such a success! Our first priority was the doorway; the laminate tile was sunken and squishy, indicating water damage and some serious fear for how bad it was really going to be! 

The wood crumbled like sand in our fingers: 

Yikes. A large puddle stood beneath the insulation. Next week we will be weather stripping, caulking and eternabonding the roof, Windows and door to prevent this from happening again!! 

We took out the futon for good πŸ™‚ 

In addition to being hideous, the futon also shrouded some much-needed storage. The futon’s opening only allowed for 6-10 inches of entry, which is a whole lot of work for us to get in and out of. We are going to put in a hinged bench seat with pillows. The window-side of the space will transform into our desk area with a fold-out table. Look at how much space we gained!  

  Our next posts will imclude our primer transformation and the roof πŸ™‚ here’s a picture of how close we are to my parents’ roof. Eeeeek!  

Good thing Josh is a great driver! And also 25 years old today. Happy birthday my love! Time to enjoy birthday coffee and plot Darlene’s color scheme 😏


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