Fresh Ink

Darlene is looking amazing. Here are some before and afters of our priming efforts:

Tape tape tape:

We shortened the width of the ‘bunk bed’ by about 6 inches to allow for extra floor space. It made a serious difference with a space that small!!! 

Dave, ready to inhale zinsser.

We used two cans (they are about $21 each at Home Depot.

Josh and Eileen, refilling the sprayer 🙂 we all made a great team!

While Dave and Josh sprayed, mom and I danced and primed the cabinets with two coats. (Autocorrect changed ‘sanded’ to ‘danced’….I’m keeping it that way!)

Here are our results! We are stunned and SO PLEASED:

Josh’s tedious task of cleaning out the sprayer before the paint dried seen here 🙂 I sliced open the plastic coverings on the window about 1 hour after painting so that we had some air flow. Shortly after, it looked like rain!!!! We have yet to fix our leaky spots (doorway and shower bubble dome) so we had to get crafty with stucco tape and tarps:

Of course I taped the door off before locking it 😂 so we had to tape over our lock holes. Our journey continues! We are so pleased with the outcome.


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