Shower Power

  When Josh and I first got our hands dirty in the trailer, we had NO idea what really needed replacing. Each step we took had an element of surprise…discovering squishy spots, mold, holes, unnecessary installations, mystery pilot lights- and so far we have learned a ton! Luckily, all of the most expensive fixtures are in great shape. Our fridge, stove top, oven, water tanks, heater, AC, speakers and outlets work! We checked everything best we could when we purchased Darlene, but there are some things you really can’t discover until fully ‘submerging’ into the trailer life. However, our bathroom isn’t doing too hot. The plastic walling of the shower is cracked, the bubble dome window has a leak, and (in my opinion) the most horrific flaw: a case of the UGLIES. The yellowing plastic gives me pee fright!
Luckily, after some research, we have budgeted our bathroom remodel, which is the most extensive of our endeavors thus far. Everything else we have been working on has been for aesthetic and utility purposes. We are hoping that by blogging and documenting our remodel, we can 1) learn from other people’s mistakes 2) document our process and 3) help other remodelers out in the event we make a serious mistake. Ha! With Josh’s birthday approaching on Monday, I’m thinking we will tell my dad that Josh REALLY wants a shower fixture for his 25th. Ha ha ha
Speaking of which, I mentioned a mystery crank in a previous post. That crank? Yeah, it’s really important. Good thing we didn’t take it OUT! I had screwdriver in hand, ready to uninstall, when I heard a ‘bang’ on the top of the roof. I peek outside and a MONSTROSITY of a fixture has appeared from the top of the trailer. Antennae? Cable? Internet? We don’t really know, but we are keeping the crank. Time to call our electrician uncles to help us out!
So! Here is our current breakdown for all parts we need (and think we may need) for the bathroom. All prices were estimated from Dyer’s website…time to purchase this weekend!
Shower Wall: $189

Shower Head Fixture: $25

Faucet (Shower): $15

Faucet (Sink): $15

Sink ‘Tub’ insert: $25 (score!)

Tub insert: $100

Tub Front Panel: $15


Great stock photos, huh?
Knobs, paint, hooks and mirror are included in a different budget. $650 for a bathroom remodel? Not bad! Let’s hope we do it right 🙂 Feedback and comments below, please!

Not only does Josh sand by day, but he knits by night. Check out his most recent creation!! New products are up on our Etsy today 🙂


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