Free Little Library

Welcome to our FLL section! If you have never heard of a Free Little Library, you are not alone! FLLs are local, pop-up stashes of books that passersby can take to read. The motto is: take a book, give a book. Do your best! There have been days when I don’t have a book to give, and days when I have too many. Your FLL does not have to be officially registered, but if you would like to, please read more on their website.

For my 29th birthday, my Dave made me a FLL to install at my grandmother’s house! I have always dreamed of owning a Free Little Library and have enjoyed them everywhere we travel. Read more about this radical birthday present here.

Josh and Kelli: The Steward and Stewardess of Free Little Library #1- located in sunny San Diego California!


In February 2020 we hosted a Free Little Library Induction CEREMONY (read more here), where each guest thoughtfully placed their book into the library. Each book contained a bookmark, which may or may not have taken you HERE, to our website! WELCOME! We are so happy to have you. Please drop us a line in the comments, we would love to meet ya!


Our map listing request on the official website has been requested and I will update with a link soon! 🙂 Cheers to many more LIBRARIES. If you are interested in ordering a Free Little Library from Corder Collective, please contact me at

We are currently accepting book and bookcase donations.