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Thank you, everyone, for you patience in streaming our most recent episodes! We have recently switched production, and unbeknownst to us, our episodes haven’t been syncing to our SPOTIFY! In the meantime, you can catch episode 5 and 6 of SEASON 2 on Google Podcast and Apple podcasts! ๐Ÿ™‚ all will be well on Spotify ASAP; thanks for the lovin’!

A note on production-

Starting episode 4 of season 2, S2E4, Adrianna and I are producing our own episodes. Thank you, immensely, to Justin @mixedbytruelove for being our tride and true producer for over 24 episodes! Adrianna and Kelli are adamant about their entrepreneurship; we used to fear podcasting, and look! We nailed it. We used to fear our cannabis use! Look, we nailed it. And we used to fear producing our own episodes but look, we nailed it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the feedback as we start to master DJ ZEEZ and all she has to offer ๐Ÿ™‚


Age and Kelli


S2E6: Foodgasm Part 1

Wassap lil San Deezies? We are here with one of our favorite episodes to date, talking all things food! This week, we talk about our favorite San Diego restaurants, the dishes that we grew up on as kids, and, well, those 5 foods you’d take with you on a deserted island. Orange you glad you diddn’t say bananas? Give us some lovin’: IG: @karmasdpodcast.
We love our Italian word of the day! Tune in for our Sicilian slang for your frowning face. We dive deeper into the Blunt History of Beef Stroganoff, a Russian dish, as well as the suspish details of this beefy situation. We grew up on the Beef Stroganoff that came in a box (hello hamburger helper!!!) but, this dish can be served with bread-buns, rice, or noodles! Check out Pomegranate in San Diego, an amazing Russian restaurant that Adrianna cannot get enough of!
Our small business of the week is Coop’s West Texas BBQ in Lemon Grove! Adrianna tells delicious tales of the best cornbread she has ever had, tender ribs, homemade sauce, and the dankest potato salad you have ever been served. We absolutely love American BBQ, and Coop’s delivers. It is so fantastic that we are comfortable saying the word ‘moist’ to describe their cornbread! We are literally running there, check out their menu here: 
Coops West Texas BBQ | Smoked barbecue and southern-style food in Lemon Grove, CA (coopsbbq.com)

Pork Chops and Applesauce- name that iconic phrase! Kelli grew up on this dish, and Adrianna has no idea what the hell I am talking about. Tune in for a homemade recipe of some childhood dishes, including Kelli’s family recipe- White Trash Goulash. Pray to St. Beshemel, because we have a lot of history to cover!
We can’t believe Age has never had a PB&J! Sponsor us for one, and we’ll show you the world. Today’s creature comforts include a hefty portion of Mimosa, as well as a House OG outdoor grow provied by TruMeds Deliver Service. We love our delivery driver, Valentino! Smoke a joint our four, we love our air as thick as a roux. Love ya!
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S2E1- Normalizing Cannabis

did you catch our last episode of Season 1?

Greetings, New Year Earthlings! We are so excited to launch our second season of Karma San Diego Podcast. Wow, we are serious about housekeeping, because we kick off the episode with all our loose odds and ends. Thank you to @mysticmarls, the winner of our Holiday Giveaway! Marlene entered our giveaway and helped promote our lil’ pood, and we are so grateful for your support and friendship. *long sigh wow*

For this episode, we discuss all things Normalizing Cannabis. From social stigma to coexisting, Kelli and Adrianna discuss their history with cannabis and talk about a better and brighter future. As privileged white women, we try our best to educate and stand proudly in our cannabis usage to help normalize, legalize, and bypass the bullshit. It is our duty as cannabis consumers to let all beings of this earth benefit from the plant, and incarceration and miseducation is heavy on our noggins.

Our new tradish! Kicking off the episode with our favorite small business, Kelli talks all about Kristen Pritchard photography, our very favorite landscape and high-vibing photographer in San Diego. Not only has she photographed all of our friends, but she is a phenomena yoga teacher with heavy ties to the earth, land, and spirit. We love a Kristen. Kelli recently ordered a favorite print from her, ‘New Friend’, which shows off a glowing cow that will make anyone with a heart sob. Check out Kristen’s website atย kristenpritchardphoto.comย as well as her instagram,ย @kristenpritchardphotography #orangesweatergals

What can we do to help normalize cannabis? We loved what growerschoiceseeds.com had to say. Some of this week’s episode takeaways:-education of cannabis to younger generations, which includes teaching your kids about cannabis pros and cons so that they have a well-rounded outlook on the plant, rather than a biased one filled with stigma.- don’t let your friends and family fall for the media stereotypes! correct em and show off what cannababes are all about.-vote on cannabis regulations and laws, including jailtime for cannabis which has got to go. 

Marijuana Legalization Is a Racial Justice Issue | American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org)

-Smoking on air is one of the many things we do to help and support our cannabis community. Let’s talk creature comforts! I am not kitting when I say that these prerolls are the best weed that we have ever smoked. For Yuletide, Adrianna got Kelli some keef-rolled prerolls from Baby Jeeters, and gah-lee (phonetical GOLLY), these are a white chocolate dream. We follow @passthejeeters for some high-class content- we are seriously in love with their product and they made a phenomenal stocking stuffer! Other than that, just a good old cup of coffee and crunchy ass corn chips will accompany your ear holes. Buckle up Buttercup, 2021 is here! We love you-

Send us any love beams, feedback, and special guest requests to our email! karmasdpodcast@gmail.com
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Quarantine Crafting Queen Activities – #ThankfulThursday

Well aren’t I a quarantine crafting queen! What have you been doing to keep busy? I know many have their hands full with working at home and having littles, so I am appreciating the luxury of being able to knit and already having so many extra supplies so that I do not have to spend any money. All situations are different and all are suffering, so I am doing my part and trying to stay sane in the meantime. Aren’t we all?

Some of my favorite crafts that have been keeping us busy:

1. Knitting beanies and plant sleeves with a KNITTING LOOM

2. Finally putting all those puzzles together that have been stacking up in our game cabinet

3. Bake a recipe that requires more than one step- I made cinnamon streusel!

4. Rearrange the entire house to remove stifled and stagnant energy. Bonus points if you are able to bring some of your outdoor plants into the house!

5. Notice things that you haven’t before, like your book titles that are put in upside down in the shelf. Ha- it took being upside down in yoga practice for me to notice this!

6. Check on our free little library! Using safe social distancing and sanitization practices, we have loved being able to walk outside, get some fresh air, and see how many people have been reading a little bit more than they are used to! The collective is appreciative of these libraries as resources because all city libraries are closed

7. Love on your fur babies- letting our dog stay in our bed a little bit more than he usually is allowed. I think he is getting fat!

8. Making and watching YouTube videos- my favorite past time, as I have a few months of catching up to do with Jenna Marbles.

Happy reading and viewing friends! Stop drop and stretch right now!

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Photo Dump – #MuseMonday

Need an activity to curbe your anxiety? PHOTO DUMP is one of my favorite writing prompts and activities that keeps my anxiety at bay. Once a week, not only will you:

-Clean out your camera roll

-Stay organized technologically

But you will also reflect on moments that you deemed photo-worthy. You’ll work on your memory recall, and exercise your writing muscle!

When you write about your ‘PHOTO DUMP, choose 10-15 photos in your camera roll. Then, explain what you see to a person. You must select a specific person.

For example, tell your coworker Sheryll about what she is looking at in the 15 photos! Tell your grandma about what you see! Tell your best friend! You take on different tones, depending on what you are describing and who you are describing it to.

I love this writing prompt and have been using it for years. Enjoy! Today, I am describing what I see to my best friend, Adrianna. See photo captions!


Hiking in Anza Borrego- #52HikeChallenge

I’m sure the suspense has been killing you- how’s my 52 Hike Challenge going? So well! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you need to catch up on the start of my journey, click here to read about hikes 1-7.

I’ll be honest, I have had my reservations about hiking in San Diego during this quarantine. While respecting my civic duty to keep other safe, and also respecting my dire need to be outside, Josh and I decided to hike in rural Anza Borrego, before the CA Parks were closed. Rangers waved at us in approval, and now we are staying put! Back to the hike… Not a soul was seen, and we love it that way!

Hike 8/52: Hawk Canyon (03/22/2020)
Distance: 1.3 Miles
Companions: Josh, Sean, Pinecone ๐Ÿพ
Animal Magic: a falcon bringing her nesting babies some food ๐Ÿ™‚

YTD: 13.3 Miles

Musings: This was a lovely hikey poo that is also a rad spot to stay overnight. We will definitely be back to do the full loop without our pupper!

Hike 9/52: Inspiration Wash (03/26/2020)
Distance: 1.6 Miles
Companions: Josh, Pinecone ๐Ÿพ
Animal Magic: Lizards for Pinecone to chase

YTD: 14.9 Miles

Musings: One of the few hikes where I won’t tell you exactly where we were ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe. This is a sacred and special land that has great meaning to Josh and I. We have camped here together for over 6 years, and Josh grew up camping here with his late grandfather. Every time we visit this sacred ground, we visit our ancestors. We wish them well, light them incense, take a moment of solitude and silence as we perch on our lookout. Extra special- this was the first time we took our pupper along for the ride ๐Ÿ™‚ I packed us a lunch and we had one of the best dates of 2020!

May we all have a spot that gives us as much life as Inspiration Wash gives to me. Happy hiking, friends!

Want to practice chair yoga with me, or know an OMie who does? I have tons of free content available:

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Saucha Stewardess Duties – #TeacherTuesdays

Cleanliness is a no brainer when it comes to YOGA!

I am hoping to bridge the gap, connect the disconnect, of life-grooming etiquette that comes with starting a yoga practice. SAUCHA, which is a Sanskrit word and pillar in the foundations of yoga, refers to cleanliness. There are infinite ways to express cleanliness with the body, mind and spirit. While studio classes can lightly dip toes in the concept, I really wanted to dive in for my teen yogis. Cleanliness changed my life! It now brings me such joy.

When teaching at a high school, it was imperative for me to implement the discipline of SAUCHA. Not only does cleanliness align with any and all school principles and values, but it also instills respect. Prior to creating the ZEN DEN, pictured in the photos above, there was a physical disrespect present with their yoga tools. Mats danced with basketballs, volleyball nets, garbage, lost and found items, theater props, HIIT equipment- think, storage closet chaos.


Yoga mats and props must be treated with respect, just like you treat the pillow that you rest your head on for a good night’s sleep. I found that it was easy to hold my students accountable to cleanliness for 2 solid reasons:

  1. I instilled SAUCHA STEWARD/ESS into their grade. They received participation points for maintaining the tidiness of the prop area, as well as group participation points for creating YOGA MAT SPRAY, cleaning their mats, and practicing moving meditation. I taught a class on how to use essential oils to cleanย everything,ย and at the end of teach week, we clean our mats with tea tree oil and water! We use recycled cleaning spray bottles, decorated with fun Yoga images ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. ย Cleanliness genuinely brings joy. With only a few weeks of upkeep, the Den can maintain a true level of ZEN. Discipline breeds freedom, and the calming affect of having a clean space is undeniable. When the room is disrespected, it sticks out right away. Most students find motivation in keeping the den clean after practicing cleanliness regularly.

I chose to decorate the ZEN DEN with their coloring pages! Students practiced moving meditation with mandala coloring. Letters of gratitude, and the definition of SAUCHA, are also provided and taped onto the walls.

You know I wanted to stick a Free Little Library in there! ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved implementing SAUCHA into the classroom because I was never taught cleanliness in an academic setting.

I had one foundational math teacher in my Catholic high-schooling who was a stickler for handwriting, written formula steps, and cleanliness of our homework assignments. While I loathed her at 17, I adore her at 29, and so I hope to truly empower the meaning of NAMASTE and pass forward the act of cleanliness by example. This takes unique forms, and I love the challenge of applying SAUCHA to all subjects!

UPCYCLE TIP- these bins are all old packing bins I have acquired over the years. I had been meaning to reorganize 6-7 bins that we have stored, and this prompted me to DETACH, clean, organize, and SAUCHA myself. Ah, the student-teacher relationship. Some of these old bins said ‘XMAS’ decorations from my parent’s old shed! I decorated and covered the fronts with what I have and donated them to the cause. PRO TIP- adhere with GLUE GUN instead of tape.


And truly, it’s not that hard to stack your yoga mats in lovely unison! WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO HAVE YOGA IN SCHOOL, to have individual mats you do not have to share, and to have safe place to store them without needing to lug it to and fro. You have it lucky, my loves! ๐Ÿ™‚


Teacher Tuesday · Uncategorized

Teacher Tuesdays

Welcome to Teacher Tuesdays! #teachertuesday as I reflect and share some of the tools and musings of my day to day schedule. In the last few months, I have acquired a few incredible yoga props, and I am so excited to share!

Cleanliness, Saucha, is such an important part of the discipline. By keeping our practice space clean, we eradicate the ego by applying consistency as something we can always rely on. As a student of yoga, I was trained and taught with such a saucha-minded mentality that it has always been a no-brainer. Every studio that I worked at was immaculate, had instated rules about the cleanliness of the space, and I always felt comforted by the reliability of keeping our cOMunal space sacred. Constant rituals of spraying down your mat, washing your clothes and sweaty towels, stacking the blocks in a perfect row, folding blankets in a consistent crease, stacking shoes symmetrically next to one another…Somewhere along the way, cleanliness has been redefined, and a little too much leniency allowed in the practice space. When saucha is applied, a mouthwash affect sprinkles its way into your life. Saucha has an immediate reward! An immediate positive affect on your mental state and environment. May you be inspired by the repurposed bins that I have created to store over 120 yoga mats! Between 90 students and 30+ spares, and no rules beforehand, the world was my oyster. What could I create with what I already have?


Weaving and Believing

Today, I was able to catch up on our Etsy page and was able to list some fun stuff I have been working on ๐Ÿ™‚ I had quite the loyal companion….

Meet Pinecone, the newest member of our official Brady Bunch!

My etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/cordercollective weaving is such a great form of moving meditation. We have such beautiful windows in our current abode, so I was sure to practice gratitude as I watched kitties, squirrels, hummingbirds, and hawks string so seamlessly together. All of the materials that I use are almost all repurposed and thrifted materials. Recently, I have grown in my fondness towards glass beads, especially from dated necklaces and anklets. They sure do twinkle in the light just right โœจโœจ