Futon Revolution 

Darlene came equipped with a stunning teal, velvety futon with broken springs and some attitude. We actually planned on keeping the futon, but when we went to primer paint, we realized the futon was a big pain in the ass. It was nice to have the option of a sleeping area- the futon was the most comfy spot for guests, but overall it was a waste of space. Storage was limited due to the hinge placement, and access to our heater was dusty and dark. We decided a day-bed inspired bench would be perfect. Eventually, we will create a desk area against the window wall so that we have an ‘office’. Dave and Josh did an amazing job!

(I made some aesthetic changes to the site today; per recommendation from Lydia, you can now subscribe to our posts!!! Bottom left corner of the blog allows you to receive updates when we post blogs. Enter if you dare!)

I initially thought I’d paint the lids taupe, alongside the cabinetry, but I love the quirky ‘December 22’ stamping. My ma had a great idea: use old belts as handle straps!!! In the past, my mom and I repurposed old leather belts as scraps for Josh and I’s wedding center pieces and bridal bouquets. I found the PERFECT BELT FOR OUR handles, I can’t wait to show you all!

And finally, we decided to take out an extra appliance. Can you guess what we took out for extra storage?

Next posts to expect from us:

Laminate flooring

Storage room transformation

Bathroom installation

Decoration inspo

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