Shaken Money Makers

A few weeks ago, I posted some estimates for our bathroom remodel in the following blog post:
There, I estimated that our repairs would cost $650. Our total? $605! So far we are under budget.

We did a lot of price comparison before ordering our shower parts. Unfortunately, there is only one company (Lyons) that makes the replacement parts that we need, so our comparisons weren’t over color, shelving, aesthetics, etc (sad Kelli). Our only options were really white or parchment! We went with white, seeing as our ‘parchment’ trailer has faded and cracked into yellow oblivion (yuck). We researched and found our shower wall at four different websites, with prices ranging from $177 to $404! What a huge range for the same product! Amazon cost the most, a whopping $404 for a piece of plastic wall that measures 36″24″62″. However, they had free shipping. Dyers online, where we thought we would order our parts because their shower was only $177, had a $150 freight shipping fee! Josh and I’s jaw dropped when we went to check out, finally ready to order, and shipping was astronomical. What do we recommend? Going to your local RV store and ordering through them! All of our parts have been ordered from La Mesa RV, where we paid a measly $5 to have our parts shipped to their Convoy location (only a few miles from Darlene!). We saved a ton of money, not to mention the trouble of having to deal with a freight shipment. Sighs of relief all around! our shower wall and tub apron were available next-day; our tub is taking 4-5 days to ship. If we would have ordered our parts online, we would have been waiting for 7-21 days for our bathroom to arrive! But, by visiting LA Mesa RV, we were able to talk to our favorite La Mesa RV employee in person, price check against their matrix, and La Mesa matched the lowest price they could find if their quote wasn’t the cheapest out there. It was a huge relief for both of us.

With that being said and done…

our roof is also complete! Josh has been tediously working on the roof for the past few weeks: scraping off nasty mold, caulking, sealing, etc. While we may be rookies in the remodel department, we went with our gut when it came to our leaky roof. Most blogs, youtube videos, and people we spoke to thought that our eternabond AND caulking combo on the roof was overkill. While it may have been time consuming (and disgusting) for Josh, it was an inexpensive fix. After fixing the rotting wooden step at our entrance due to a leak, and with our upcoming bathroom repairs due to MORE leaks, we think our overkill is a good thing. Leaks suck, mold is dangerous, and this is our home. We never want to rip out the floor or ceiling again, not if we can prevent it! Since Darlene is stripped and empty, we are taking advantage and doing all preventative care while we can. Here are some of the fruits of Josh’s labor:


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