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Introducing: Karma San Diego Podcast

We are a little nervous and a lot of excited to finally be announcing the launch of our podcast, Karma San Diego!!!!

A little background….

Adrianna and Kelli (previously I, of Cordercollective before the site revamp) have been best friends, old roommates, and soul sisters for years! We are long overdue in taking the leap of faith that podcasting requires…let’s just say, it takes a quarantine to shine a light on the things you want most in life!

We have a lot of goals with our podcasts, and we also love blowing with the winds of change when possibility and opportunity come along. We don’t want a structure, with structure! We want only one rule: no rules! Does this vibe sound familiar? Here are some of our podcast thoughts:

-We aren’t looking to edit or delete our mistakes. Call us lazy with editing, or honest with conversations, but we love all the tidbits in-between when it comes to lifestyle podcasting. Whenever I watch Queer Eye and they are getting to the nitty gritty sob fests, I wish they would show the real deal! No splicing and dicing, I want it ALL, all the weird pauses inbetween. We want to bring this vulnerability and authenticity to our podcast which means….

-Calling each other out on our bullshit. The theme of our podcast is really to call out other people, institutions, and perspectives, but we are well-rounded, yall! We are completely aware of how imperfect we are, and so we bring a REDTABLE talk authenticity to our weird ass lives.

-We love cannabis. Yeah, let’s cut straight to it. We’d like to be the Cheech to your chong, and also normalize the hell out of it. The social stigma of cannabis has weighed on our shoulders, the world’s shoulders, for far too long. We might only be two white girls talking about ourselves on a podcast, but we want to be TWO more people in this world taking a step in the right direction:normalising cannabis. Because of this, our podcast is 18-21+ y/o suggested, depending on your listening State and their stipulations on cannabis use. We are located in California, where MMJ (medicinal marijuana) laws apply, and we adhere. We will stay a lot longer at your family BBQs if we can BURN ONE instead of DRINK ONE, yadda?

-We are ridiculous. We are two native San Diegans with loud personalities, a lot of heart, and hard working JANES of all Trades. If we aren’t your people, we might know someone who will be! As liaisons of this world, we will be showcasing 1 local San Diego Business on each Podcast. We love all things SMALL BUSINESS and San Diego needs some serious love and support. We are here for it!

-We podcast weekly. You can expect weekly content, with a special guest at the end of each month. This guest will likely be tied to our SMALL BUSINESS that we are KARMICALLY uplifting, so please feel free to reach out to us!! We would love to do our research, vet ya, and promote ya! We are looking for good people, good work ethics, happy employees, happy customers, and community support. Join us!

-How do we give back to the community? This will continue to grow, as we have many exciting things in the works! Until then, Adrianna hosts San Diego beach clean ups and Kelli is a Little Free library stewardess. Are you interested in attending our beach cleanups, or does a library in your San Diego neighborhood need a refill of books? Reach out to us: karmasdpodcast@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!

We are so excited to launch our first 3 episodes on FRIDAY, August 14th, on all your favorite streaming sites!!

-K n’ A

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