Hiking in Anza Borrego- #52HikeChallenge

I’m sure the suspense has been killing you- how’s my 52 Hike Challenge going? So well! πŸ™‚

If you need to catch up on the start of my journey, click here to read about hikes 1-7.

I’ll be honest, I have had my reservations about hiking in San Diego during this quarantine. While respecting my civic duty to keep other safe, and also respecting my dire need to be outside, Josh and I decided to hike in rural Anza Borrego, before the CA Parks were closed. Rangers waved at us in approval, and now we are staying put! Back to the hike… Not a soul was seen, and we love it that way!

Hike 8/52: Hawk Canyon (03/22/2020)
Distance: 1.3 Miles
Companions: Josh, Sean, Pinecone 🐾
Animal Magic: a falcon bringing her nesting babies some food πŸ™‚

YTD: 13.3 Miles

Musings: This was a lovely hikey poo that is also a rad spot to stay overnight. We will definitely be back to do the full loop without our pupper!

Hike 9/52: Inspiration Wash (03/26/2020)
Distance: 1.6 Miles
Companions: Josh, Pinecone 🐾
Animal Magic: Lizards for Pinecone to chase

YTD: 14.9 Miles

Musings: One of the few hikes where I won’t tell you exactly where we were πŸ™‚ hehe. This is a sacred and special land that has great meaning to Josh and I. We have camped here together for over 6 years, and Josh grew up camping here with his late grandfather. Every time we visit this sacred ground, we visit our ancestors. We wish them well, light them incense, take a moment of solitude and silence as we perch on our lookout. Extra special- this was the first time we took our pupper along for the ride πŸ™‚ I packed us a lunch and we had one of the best dates of 2020!

May we all have a spot that gives us as much life as Inspiration Wash gives to me. Happy hiking, friends!

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