catholic guilt

S1E10 – Keeping Up with the Christians

You can also stream our podcast for free via! Click here for links to Part 1 (we talk a lot) and Part 2 of this week’s episode, Keeping up with the Kardash, err, Christians.


In this episode, Kelli and Adrianna tell the tall tale of volunteering at church-affiliated thrift stores. Taking themselves out of their comfort zone, K n’ A will volunteer wherever they’ll have our wild asses. We also talk about the lack of inclusivity that comes with the fashion industry. Adrianna and Kelli have visions of running a degendered secondhand store, meaning that the store will not be separated by a men’s and women’s section. Why assign gender to a piece of fabric? Instead of ‘women’s flannels’, we want you to think ‘button-down section’. We doubt this reorganization will be inconvenient for any of our customers, and if it is, shop somewhere else dog!

Need cackling hens of positivity to sort your donations? Good thing we’re here! It’s time to stop, drop and pray with this two-part episode. We hope you enjoy, and we love your feedback!!!

Today’s creature comforts (see cover photo) really set the mood for our podcasting! We had king palms, blueberry, and cinnamon iced coffee in some nostalgic ass mugs. Cheers friends!

Adrianna teaches all of us on how to properly handle a grease fire- that’s helpful as HELL!

SALLY SELLS SUPER SEXY SPICES BY THE SEASHORE. Today’s small business IS PENZEY’s SPICES! OH hell, I could type this entire section in CAPs. If you haven’t had Penzey’s spices or seen their iconic stickers around town, then it’s time to open your ojos and get to cookin. Kelli’s favorite seasonings? Why, let me show you 🙂

Reason #345345 why we love Penzey’s is because they ran a popular campaign in 2019 working towards the impeachment of Donald Trump. You see, Penzey’s doesn’t use artificial additives, so TRUMP’s GOTTA GO in the name of their mission statement alone. Yass!

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