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#TeacherTuesday- My Little Free Library and Poshmark Platform Unite!

Dear friends! It is day 56 of Quarantine for us over here in sunny San Diego. I recently became a Free Little Library owner in December, and have been happily collecting books for my library.

In addition to plumping up my own stock, I thoroughly enjoy restocking the other libraries in my community. There are a few popular libraries that are underserved, always emptied and sad before I arrive.

One of the most beautiful observations that I have had with this pandemic is that all of our community libraries are FULL! I truly believe that the community is using their libraries, as I am noticing constant movement and rearranging in my own library, and 2 others that I frequently steward. Yay! And so, I have had an excess of 100 books to donate, sitting in my home.

Let’s segway here, as I remind you all that I am a Poshmark Ambassador! I have been running a cute little online shop for over 5 years now. There are tons of acronyms for poshers and online shoppers alike; are you privy to FWP? Free with Purchase Items are one of my favorite things to offer in my shop. Things that aren’t quite profitable enough to sell, things that are used, damaged, or need a new home. You see, the Poshmark shopper pays for 5lbs of shipping costs NO MATTER WHAT. So, when you buy an Anthropologie polka-dot dress from my closet for $14, you pay $6.99 for 5lbs of Priority Mail. Why not add a few things?!

I want Poshers to be curious about reading! And boy, are the Nicholas Sparks books a hit! It has been so fun to see shoppers buy a trinket for themselves, like Nike running shorts, and add a copy of my favorite book to their order for free.

I think I may be the first person to have a FREE LITTLE LIBRARY in my Poshmark shop! I am deeply inspired to share and would love if anyone wanted to replicate something similar in their own shop.

Are you a Poshmark Seller? This is for you!

There are 2 ways to list FWP items. You can:

-List the item as $3 and instruct the buyer to deduct the price from their offer (in the comments section)

-List as 0 dollars (but then is marked as not for sale, and the customer as to personally reach out to see if the book is available still.

I opted for the first option, in bold! (Items cannot be listed as less than $3 in Poshmark due to the $2.95 seller fee)

Happy Poshing!

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How’s my Free Lil Library Doing During the Quarantine – #FreeLittleLibraryFriday

Enjoy a few photo updates of our lil library! She is doing great, holding up well during this soggy San Diego weather and well-trafficked and received by our neighbors. I haven’t been going out of the house much, and knew I needed to go on a quick walk with the family to check out the library. I miss long distance walks and chatting with my grandma at the corner, but am honored and humbled to withhold my civic duty of #stayinghome and enjoying the perks of Quarantine life.

Here is a hyperlink to my library’s induction ceremony earlier this year. I am so glad we hosted this February 23rd, before honoring social distance. It has been a great escape, fond memory, and humbling tool to offer my community. San Diego Public Libraries are closed, but our lil doors are open! I am excited to make a photo ‘coffee table book’ of the slowly changing insides.

Today, I left two books and took two books! One of the lovely perks of having your own library to check on is the ample books you get to choose from day to day. Perhaps you have taken a book from my library, and it brought you to this page! Welcome! You can click here to read more about my bookmarks, stewardess mission and collective that I own with my husband and really cute pupper, Pinecone.

Reading has been such a healing part of my life, and I have been having a hard time focusing and carving time out for me to jump into a new book. I will never take a good book for granted! What are you reading these days? More time to read and more time to worry; aren’t we all just doing our best…

Have a great day OMies, and do try to stretch while sitting at your desk today! Chair yoga for the win- I included a link below if you need a familiar face to guide you through it.

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Reminiscing on Reading- #WellReadWednesday

My favorite author- Haruki Murakami!
As I turned teach page, it fell out! Old spine, passed the book along to a friend in a ziplock bag
I love a good murder mystery- with a booch in hand! Thanks husband for growing all those pretty flowers in our yard πŸ™‚

I love reading and know that I have my head screwed on straight if I am able to stop, drop and read. Recently, I’ve been having a hard time getting into a book. I’ll read a few chapters and slowly float away. Trying again today! I love when a book is also available a as a movie. I will try to finish some of the books I have, knowing there is the motivation of a motion picture afterwards. Anyone else?

I prefer paper books, but I have access to a nook and electronic reader. Book suggestions please! πŸ™‚

Xo, Kelli