Show us your TaupesΒ 

The bedroom and kitchen are now painted! The colors look great; it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! I did make a bit of a rookie mistake πŸ™ˆ I mixed up the drawers and painted accordingly.  

   Easy fix, luckily!!! 

The kitchen colors are Juniper Ash and Mesa Taupe; the bedroom is Sustainable and Ottertail! 

  Small fixes have made huge differences for us. The closet to the left of the fridge was intended for having clothes – it had a rack for hangers at the top and opened to the right. Dave flipped the latching mechanism so that the cupboard is now our pantry! We will put in lightweight racks for our kitchen goods πŸ™ƒ so exciting.
 More details on the roof soon!!! We can’t wait to settle into our tiny home.




This post has some ‘before’ photos of our roof. We have mold to scrub, old caulking to scrape, new caulking to add and lastly, eternabond stripping to add over our troublesome bubble dome. If anyone wants to know the method we used, here are the most helpful YouTube videos to watch if you seen trying to accomplish the same task πŸ™‚
Video #1: RV Roof Repair & Vent Maintenance

Video #2: HOW TO: Prevent RV Roof Leaks (Dicor Maintenance)

We bought our Eternabond off of Amazon Prime and it came within a day; score! 

Hopefully our mystery crank also makes more sense to our readers πŸ˜‚   
Another daunting task, but we are ready for the job! πŸ™‚


Fresh Ink

Darlene is looking amazing. Here are some before and afters of our priming efforts:

Tape tape tape:

We shortened the width of the ‘bunk bed’ by about 6 inches to allow for extra floor space. It made a serious difference with a space that small!!! 

Dave, ready to inhale zinsser.

We used two cans (they are about $21 each at Home Depot.

Josh and Eileen, refilling the sprayer πŸ™‚ we all made a great team!

While Dave and Josh sprayed, mom and I danced and primed the cabinets with two coats. (Autocorrect changed ‘sanded’ to ‘danced’….I’m keeping it that way!)

Here are our results! We are stunned and SO PLEASED:

Josh’s tedious task of cleaning out the sprayer before the paint dried seen here πŸ™‚ I sliced open the plastic coverings on the window about 1 hour after painting so that we had some air flow. Shortly after, it looked like rain!!!! We have yet to fix our leaky spots (doorway and shower bubble dome) so we had to get crafty with stucco tape and tarps:

Of course I taped the door off before locking it πŸ˜‚ so we had to tape over our lock holes. Our journey continues! We are so pleased with the outcome.



Futons & Floor Rot

This weekend was such a success! Our first priority was the doorway; the laminate tile was sunken and squishy, indicating water damage and some serious fear for how bad it was really going to be! 

The wood crumbled like sand in our fingers: 

Yikes. A large puddle stood beneath the insulation. Next week we will be weather stripping, caulking and eternabonding the roof, Windows and door to prevent this from happening again!! 

We took out the futon for good πŸ™‚ 

In addition to being hideous, the futon also shrouded some much-needed storage. The futon’s opening only allowed for 6-10 inches of entry, which is a whole lot of work for us to get in and out of. We are going to put in a hinged bench seat with pillows. The window-side of the space will transform into our desk area with a fold-out table. Look at how much space we gained!  

  Our next posts will imclude our primer transformation and the roof πŸ™‚ here’s a picture of how close we are to my parents’ roof. Eeeeek!  

Good thing Josh is a great driver! And also 25 years old today. Happy birthday my love! Time to enjoy birthday coffee and plot Darlene’s color scheme 😏



Shower Power

  When Josh and I first got our hands dirty in the trailer, we had NO idea what really needed replacing. Each step we took had an element of surprise…discovering squishy spots, mold, holes, unnecessary installations, mystery pilot lights- and so far we have learned a ton! Luckily, all of the most expensive fixtures are in great shape. Our fridge, stove top, oven, water tanks, heater, AC, speakers and outlets work! We checked everything best we could when we purchased Darlene, but there are some things you really can’t discover until fully ‘submerging’ into the trailer life. However, our bathroom isn’t doing too hot. The plastic walling of the shower is cracked, the bubble dome window has a leak, and (in my opinion) the most horrific flaw: a case of the UGLIES. The yellowing plastic gives me pee fright!
Luckily, after some research, we have budgeted our bathroom remodel, which is the most extensive of our endeavors thus far. Everything else we have been working on has been for aesthetic and utility purposes. We are hoping that by blogging and documenting our remodel, we can 1) learn from other people’s mistakes 2) document our process and 3) help other remodelers out in the event we make a serious mistake. Ha! With Josh’s birthday approaching on Monday, I’m thinking we will tell my dad that Josh REALLY wants a shower fixture for his 25th. Ha ha ha
Speaking of which, I mentioned a mystery crank in a previous post. That crank? Yeah, it’s really important. Good thing we didn’t take it OUT! I had screwdriver in hand, ready to uninstall, when I heard a ‘bang’ on the top of the roof. I peek outside and a MONSTROSITY of a fixture has appeared from the top of the trailer. Antennae? Cable? Internet? We don’t really know, but we are keeping the crank. Time to call our electrician uncles to help us out!
So! Here is our current breakdown for all parts we need (and think we may need) for the bathroom. All prices were estimated from Dyer’s website…time to purchase this weekend!
Shower Wall: $189

Shower Head Fixture: $25

Faucet (Shower): $15

Faucet (Sink): $15

Sink ‘Tub’ insert: $25 (score!)

Tub insert: $100

Tub Front Panel: $15


Great stock photos, huh?
Knobs, paint, hooks and mirror are included in a different budget. $650 for a bathroom remodel? Not bad! Let’s hope we do it right πŸ™‚ Feedback and comments below, please!

Not only does Josh sand by day, but he knits by night. Check out his most recent creation!! New products are up on our Etsy today πŸ™‚



Enter Sandman

Sanding, removing handles from cabinets, puttying, washing walls, taping off- almost ready to paint!!!! We start Friday. Here are some progress pics: 


We have also decided to repurpose the medicine cabinet. It is too small and ugly for our bathroom dreams, but perfect for our bedroom area! I need a lot of my diabetes supplies close by when sleeping- and they aren’t pretty to look at! I think we will paint the frame of the mirror white, and I may spruce up the side panel. I’m thinking a little panel of chakras would look great there πŸ™

Yay for repurposing!  

We’re still happy campers, despite all this dust and hard work! Our next post will show a breakdown of the bathroom remodel, as well as 7 new items for our etsy! Here’s a sneak peak:



Suffragette Sadness

Josh and I went and saw Tool last night! Excellent show. As we drove home, ‘Fame’ came on the radio and for the 56th time, I re-told the story of how much I love this song because of my runway modeling memories tied to it. While it’s probable that the radio played this song as homage to Bowie, we hadn’t heard the news yet. Whether it was irony or fate, I loved that I reminisced this memory – and wouldn’t let Josh change the station! David Bowie was the first album I bought on my iPhone. I think a night of watching ‘Labyrinth’ is in order :)In other news- We are sanding up a storm in the trailer. Here are some progress pics. We have already torn out the top bunk, cabinet, and have sanded the whole back room. Time to wash the walls down and putty πŸ™‚  


Underneath the bottom bunk is our fresh water tank, a small trap door accessible outside, an outlet, a water pump ‘thing’ nailed haphazardly to the ground, and a lot of poorly utilized space. It’s all about the details for me….here is my drawing of the custom shelving I’d like to create.  

For comparison, here is the actual window:

While being mindful of trailer living, it’s important to note that we will predominately always be parked. So, we are creating a space that is easy to stow our items, but equally as easy to have them accessible. Hooks and small cubbies will help us stay organized. This room is our pantry, my clothing closet, trash and laundry area, produce, hanging clothes, and shoe area. Josh’s closet is in the ‘bedroom’. 

Currently shopping for a new shower! Happy to hear feedback on showers, tub frames, etc ordered from Dyers RV parts and accessories. 


Rusty Nails & Mystery Cranks

More trailer excitement! We began to uninstall the GORGEOUS shower curtain rack from the shower; I hope you hear my sarcasm. 11 nails to screw in a 3 foot flimsy bar? And more importantly, they are all rusted!

Dun dun dun! 

Upon further investigation, the leak was found! Luckily, it’s over the tub (which is probably why we never noticed it) – but it looks like we have a new BUBBLE DOME to install. I can’t say I’m too disappointed – I know it’ll be a lot of work and most likely disgusting to remove, but the faded yellowing plastic bubble dome isn’t exactly my favorite anyway. Time to research replacement parts!

See! Teeny tiny! And quite amazing considering the hellacious storms we have had the past few days. And finally, our mystery crank:

Located directly inside the front door, we are assuming it may have gone with an outdoor awning (no longer on trailer)- but were not really sure how to take this thing out! And for the record, we have twirled it many times while running around the trailer looking for some form of movement- to no avail. Light switches that go to nothing and mystery cranks- call us the Winchester house πŸ˜‚


Dream Catching in the Storm

San Diego is under water! To avoid the tornado warnings and El NiΓ±o storms, I worked on a few pieces today:
And, because I am doing a kundalini cleanse this month of January, I thought I would focus my energy on one piece in relation to the hard work I’ve been putting into myself:

 I have been chanting at sunrise every morning of 2016 with a dear friend! She is a certified kundalini yogini and has continually enriched my yoga journey. 31 minutes of chanting, no alcohol, and mindful thinking to ring in our new year. It has been challenging and rewarding. And, inspiring! I have been crafting and creating pieces with what I already have; my resourcefulness has been incredibly helpful in preparation for our trailer life. Here are two more pieces to share:

Knowing the ‘old me’, I would relentlessly apologize for the lack of quality in my photos, embarrassed that my work has been wittled down to a bathroom shot. But you know what? My perfectionism has always been a road block- I would have never even had an etsy due to my intimidation of photographs, post offices, unknown territories. But, my work has been selling just fine 😊 if anyone has hesitation about whether or not to become a small business vendor, this is my plea for you to take the leap! Josh and I joined the etsy community with much trepidation, and we have no regrets with our decision to work alongside like-minded people 🌿

Edit: flutter fly and melted purity have sold πŸ±πŸ™ 


Dinette Discourse

Our remodel is in full swing! Today, I was poppin off crushed velvet button covers like nobody’s business. Josh worked in the back of the trailer on the bunk bed upheaval… Here is what our current finishes look like: 

There is a TON of storage space underneath the dinette seating…but we have yet to find any storage space with practicality or accessibility in this trailer! So, we detached the current (upside down) cabinet door and have been thinking about a pull-out drawer. This would be so helpful for extra kitchen space…particularly spices and Tupperware. Here is the current set up we are working with:

Isn’t that little teeny cabinet door so dumb otherwise? Perhaps it’s just a tiny trap door for yoga mats πŸ˜‚ 

Our remodel continues!!!