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How to Support Us – #ThankfulThursdays

Thank you for the love and support! XO- The Corders

Greetings, family! Thank you so much for the continued support and inquiry as we navigate all things COVID-19.

Currently, Josh and I are adequately quarantined, with ample food, Rx, water, and income to survive us the next month. We remain humble, helpful and hoping that the community will continue to uprise and uplift one another during this trying time.

Many of you have expressed wanting to help us, as we have been financially impacted by the Corona Virus. I work as a small business owner and Independent Contractor, teaching yoga, and Josh works as a landscaper. Together, we feel calm and rooted for our future, yet fully alert. Now is the best time to water our roots and watch us grow.

There are many ways to support us that will never involve money. Please feel inspired by this list of ways that you can support Josh, Pinecone and I during this healing quarantine, both spiritually and financially!

1. Follow our blog, Chances are, you are reading this and following our website! This website will continue to be the hub of our empire. Yoga, landscaping, retail, upcycle, vegan eats, and lifestyle are a few of our niches that we continue to hone and craft. By believing in us now and following along, you are investing in our future and giving others permission to trust us. Thank you!

2. Find us, and please follow us, on social Media platforms.

Linktree is easiest! Find everything HERE.

We have a Facebook account: CorderCollective

We have an Etsy account: CorderCollective and my older art, @Vagibond

We have an Instagram account: @cordercollective @kellicorder @bodhi_sligh

We have 2 Spotify accounts (with fuego playlists): @cordercollective @joshcorder

3. Please leave us a positive review on Facebook, Etsy, or SQUARE. These are 3 of the ways we currently accept payment, and your reviews give others the confidence in the future to purchase our products. You do not have to purchase a product in order to leave a review. If you have ever taken Kelli’s yoga class, purchased plants with the help of Josh, or depended on us as a reliable source, we would love your review. Don’t want to publish online? Please email us your feedback at and I would be honored to use your anonymous words for various media

This will help us for years to come!

4. Consider giving your housewear, book, cardboard boxes, dying plants, and clothing donations to Kelli.

Why? Many donation collectors (cough cough, Goodwill) do not practice the same environmental or moral standards that we do. Rather than shaming Goodwill, I offer the alternative of letting me filter through your Goodwill donations first. Many of my friends and family have been doing this for years. Some of the things I do with these donations:

-Give gifts to the community at large

-Properly recycle and trash all materials ethically (that cannot be resold at retailers such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, or your favorite thrift store)

-Restructure, Repurpose, Upcycle, Revamp, and resell your items (fabric for quilts, beads for dream catchers, old vessels as planting pots, the list goes on)

-Make dream catchers and jewelry out of old bobbles and bits

-Sustainably wrap and ship all of my Etsy and Poshmark orders (I have never bought shipping supplies in my life, sans packing tape! I have and reuse EVERYTHING. With over 120 Etsy sales and 1,120 Poshmark sales, I know I am making a positive impact on the environment)

-Did you know I have the heart of an American picker? Rather than stressful, this brings me joy, so let me take it off of your plate (or pick it up off your curb…)

-I sell valuable items on Poshmark (I am a Top 10% Seller and Posh Ambassador that has been using this site for almost 7 years now). If you would like me to sell your items on your behalf, I am happy to split profits with you (popular option). Or, you can just give the items to me on good faith that they will land in the right hands and MARIE KELLI YOUR LIFE *Marie Kondo jokes*

-You will see life, love and happiness breathed into the dusty items of your loved ones

-all books will be donated across San Diego county to various Free Little Libraries

5. Support the Yoga studio I work for.

Join our facebook group, Hapa Yoga Ohana Online, for video content of myself and fellow teachers as we continue to teach during the quarantine! This has brought me such joy. Follow our Instagram @hapayoga @hapayogaeastlake, and when our doors open, come take your First Class Free with ME.

6. Contact Josh and I for ornamental landscaping, potting and garden needs. If you have any questions about your California indigenous plants, what to plant that you won’t kill, etc., Josh is your guy 🙂 The plant whisperer.

7. Hire me to marry YO ass. Rev Kelli in the house! I am officiated through the Universal Life Church as a certified reverend, which means, I can marry you and your loved one! If you are looking for a spiritually well-rounded, cosmic and carefully curated ceremony, email me:

8. I teach private yoga at offices, apartments, and online. Once this pandemic dust settles, let’s book some yoga classes! Kids birthday parties, weekly office yoga in a conference room, or in a gym- there are infinite ways to play on your mat. I am always accepting used mat, block and strap donations to recirculate to the community.

9. Order a custom dream catcher from my etsy shop. Or, better yet, organize a Dream Catcher Making party for your friends and loved ones! I am able to cater this class to littles (12-17 y/o), or adult classes. I have flexible pricing, ranging from $28-$68 per head, depending on the detail that you would like with your catcher.

10. Support my friends! I am surrounded by small business men and women that would love your fellowship and camaraderie during this time.

Not your Nonna’s – traditional Italian pasta sauce, San Diego

Urban Yogi – yoga teacher, therapist, consultant, and Reiki Healer, San Diego

Olive Baking Company – coffee shop, bakery, local market, Mission Beach SD

D the Tattoo Artist – San Diego artist at Avalon II tattoo, I love him and have a few pieces from D 🙂

Natural Wellness Tips- My friend Jen! Yoga, Youtube, Doterra essential oils and Doctor of Physical Therapy- a San Diegan you can trust

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support. It means the world to us!!

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Teen Yoga and the Manomaya Kosha – Teacher Tuesdays

Hello OMies! Welcome to another week of Teacher Tuesdays, where I share some of the tools that I use as a Yoga Teacher here in the San Diego area, as well as the teachings that I am working on as an avid student of LIFE! I love writing curriculum and creating activities for team building and mind-body connection.

Today, I wanted to share this week’s Yogic Theme for my teen/high school level yogis.


You will need:

-Yoga Mat or Towel/Carpet

-Writing Medium (the medium is the message! Choose a pen, pencil, or writing device that brings you JOY)

-CONVERSATION CARDS: Start collecting Yoga Articles. Rather than printing them out, please repurpose or compile a hyperlink list of suggested articles! Ideas for what I used: 2-3 copies of Yoga Journal Magazine, mindfulness and meditation articles from school, newspaper and mail, essential oil catalogues, Yoga Teacher Training Materials (if you have completed a 200, 300 hour training, breathe some life back into those dusty binders that your teachers worked so hard to create)

-Laminator (optional, but also the greatest investment I have ever made. Here is the exact one that I bought. This way, you can use your materials for multiple seasons, semesters, and years without worrying about sweaty yogi paws!)

-Printer (if you would like hard copies of the Manomaya Kosha worksheet, otherwise, go green and upload to your school/training portal). You can read about my sacred and trusty printer that I have had for 49 months NOW here!!

-Empty wall

THEME: The Manomaya (Third Kosha) – finding balance and positivity in emotions, mind, senses and mind-body connection

TIME NEEDED: 60-80 Minutes

AGE: About 14 y/o+, appropriate for pre-teen, teen and adult

Begin class: 5 MINUTES- Grounding, Explaining the Manomaya Kosha (prior knowledge of the first two koshas is ideal. For information on the first (annamaya) kosha and second (pranamaya) kosha, click for some of my favorite references. Optional- pass out this worksheet that I created. for further explanation and for your students to reference outside of class.

ASANA: 20 MINUTES. General warm-up with familiar poses. I try not to introduce new poses when also introducing new concepts. However, you can reinvent a pose infinite ways and will learn so much from your OMies! Today, we re-visited chair pose, Sun Salutation A, Standing Crescent, and Gate Pose

WALL: 15 minutes. Walk yogis over to a blank wall with no disturbances and protuberances. First, practice ‘WALL SITS’ and the proper, ergonomic way to use a wall as back support. Using flat feet, happy unclenched toes, and heels fully rooted to the ground. This is a great opportunity to find pelvic floor awareness, as the wall helps students ‘suction cup’ their back to the wall and feel the benefits of a long spine. The physical body, your annamaya kosha, is going to be alerting everyone to stand up! The body will bark and yell at the mind to stand up and find relief, but the mind, the manomaya kosha, has chosen to wall-sit for 60 seconds. Continue with additional wall poses: downward dog with hands on the wall, crossed-leg (eagle) wall sits, tippy-toe wall sits, and even standing savasana with a gentle lean on the wall!

RETURN TO MAT: 15 MINUTES. Cool down for Savasana prep. Continue further chats about awareness, the importance of stretching after wall-sits. (My class and I took Seated twists, boat pose, shoulder stand, happy baby and forward fold)

SILENT SAVASANA- 5 MINUTES. No distractions with music, we embraced the sounds that surround us and noticed the mind and body connection. (example- there was a jack-hammer in the distance and some of the students felt the noise and vibration with twitching toes, alert and open eyes, and tightness in their hands. Peaceful bird noises, doors opening and closing, coughing and sneezing- how does the body respond? Can you tune out and tap in?)

CONVERSATION CARDS- 20 MINUTES. After closing class and our sacred circle with NAMASTE. the students awaken to the sight of CONVERSATION CARD MANDALA. Working in groups or solo, YOGI’s CHOICE, browse the circle and select the card that glimmers in your eye! Read the front and back on the article , and discuss your musings and learnings with yourself or your yogi neighbor. Get the mind working! Activate the senses, have conversation, and see if the initial article activates any other thoughts or ideas.

OMwork is up to you. These students were asked to create a discussion board post and write some of their CONVERSATION CARD musings for the class to read and share. (3-5 sentences) However, you can also have them submit handwritten assignments for moving meditation, have the teens volunteer to share what their group discussed to the class, or pick 1 single conversation card to do with your group of >4.

Enjoy activating your MANOMAYA KOSHA and exploring asana with your OMies! If you would like a copy of this worksheet or additional information about my resources used, I am only an email away: