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S1E5 – Ya Big Creep

Join us as we discuss alleyway finds, credible tattoo artists, and ask the question, ‘can you reverse a creep?’ Warning, *explicit* 🙂

Spotify – S1E5 – Ya Big Creep

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Another week in the books! Adrianna and Kelli talk about experiences with creepers, tattoos, and a few nooks and crannies in SD. We are so excited to talk about two of our favorite tattoo artists here in San Diego, and what sets them apart from the rest. Matching tattoos, parking lot safety, and tons of snacks, we schmooze and story swap. All hail the giggle jiggle that comes with getting tattooed!

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Book: Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

Tattoo artist: Matt Heinz @mattheinztattoo

Tattoo artist: D @thegood.d.tattoos

‘Brass Knuckle’ keychain for parking lot safety HERE

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

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S1E4: Meet Kendra!

S1E4: Meet Kendra! Fireside link, Spotify Link

HIGHLIGHT from our episode with Kendra- 2:38

Every fourth episode, we have a very special guest! Meet Kendra, our first podcast interviewee. Kendra is a longtime friend, sister and bread wizard at Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach. Meet our favorite Jane of all Trades!!

Meet Kendra! In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite Pot Pie eateries in San Diego, kissing parents on the lips, and cafe life. Kendra is incredibly involved in the Mission Beach community, all things cats, and supports the normalization of cannabis. She’s pure magic, and we think you’ll love her BLUNT HISTORY: how puffins came to be. In addition to the breeding of toucans, we also learn a bit about the meaning of Karma as we get ready to dive deeper in our community work. Takeaways? Grab a creature comfort, support Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach- shoot us a lovebeam @karmasdpodcast or shoot us an email:

Small Businesses Mentioned-

Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach – for bread, lattes, supporting Women Owned Businesses aaaand! They sell Not Your Nonna’s Sauces!

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop – Kelli’s favorite childhood memory

Pot Pie – Adrianna’s favorite crust

Calybourne Co Power pack- our creature comfort for the day 🙂

Find our friend Gerri’s floral arrangement company (flower crowns reference) on Instagram @thelacedmuse

And obviously the classic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins!

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S1E3 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

S1E3 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Customer Service makes the world go ’round, so why not cut us some slack? K n’ A process the history of restaurant culture, experiences working retail, server woes and, well, manicotti.

Adrianna and Kelli make a pressing argument as to why all humans of this earth should work in customer service for a well-rounded experience in life. Dark humor and plumes of smoke help us process the best and worst working experiences we had when we were younger, alongside our classic commentary. Become introduced with BLUNT HISTORY, a bit we integrate when we storykeller our way through facts. Hint: it’s worse than drunk history, but we’re working on it.

Small businesses mentioned: US! 🙂

Not Your Nonna’s – Sauce Company – you can now shop online! Place your order today for some pesto, marinara, and Adrianna’s upcoming SEASONAL sauce, limited quantities and one-time only! Shop NYN t-shirts:

Yoga Teacher- Kelli Corder is a local San Diego yoga teacher that would love to bring more accessible yoga to your community. Large public events, mic-savvy, playlist queen and sequencing magician, Kelli loves all things yoga and serves classes to private families, corporate offices, apartment complexes, high schools and studios. You can click here to read more about the services Kelli offers.

Kelli Corder YouTube Channel

Kelli works on a sliding scale for class pricing; if you or your school cannot afford yoga classes, yoga mats, or props, please reach out. I have a deep love and network of yoga teachers that will always work together to make sure your community has access.

This episode’s creature comfort- Pure Beauty

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Ya’ll have been loving our newly launched podcast, and we have been loving you loving our newly launched podcast!! Thank you, everyone, for the magnificent feedback on our first 3 episodes of Karma San Diego.

S1E2:FADBODS brings you the coined term FADBODS, where we discuss the harms and disservice that FADBODS have on our society. These confines founded in toxic masculinity and societal sexpectations have got-to-go honey! Click here to listen on Spotify.

Adrianna and Kelli discuss their experiences with body commentary from men, and how the false narrative of ‘what it means to be sexy’ is a humanitarian, political, racial and economical issue in our culture that negatively affects everyone. 

Listening back to the episode, I have further commentary on race and our conversation: when white hetero men associate voluptuous body types with race, Kelli identifies by saying ‘that’s racist’. It must be noted that Adrianna and Kelli cannot experience racism because WE ARE WHITE WOMEN, and my comment was meant to identify the racist perspective deeply intertwined with sexual harassment and ‘societal pressures’. I apologize for not further explaining my comment and believe it needed further exploration. My identification of racism must seen in conjunction of FADBODS, and the harms of all things ‘exotic’. Let’s be clear, telling a white woman that she cannot be curvy because she is white is a harmful racist perspective that affects non-white people and their bodies, not Adrianna. It is, however, body shaming to all parties involved and harmful anti-feminist language that denies Adrianna’s existence as a sexy beast. So really, it’s sexist aaaand racist, and a great example of how entangled the two are with one another. My comment felt insensitive, so I’m calling myself out. Thanks for reading and we have an open invitation for feedback and conversation!! That’s really what our podcast is all about!

You can find more information about our podcast by visiting our website or email,, @karmasdpodcast

Further reading when educating yourself on the many facets of FADBOD:

Four Reasons why Calling a Woman Exotic is Racist

Black Women Aren’t Your Fetish Fantasy

Skinny Shaming is as Harmful as Fat Shaming because it’s SHAMING

Well-Intended Skinny Shaming that’s Still Not Okay

Fat Shaming in the name of ‘Health’ Increases Health Risks

Don’t write a check your toosh can’t cashhhhhh- RocketPOWER!

Episode mentionables:

Featured artist/business: Our producer, Justin!

Meet our producer, Justin @mixedbytruelove ! As longtime fans of Justin’s music, talent, and enginear 👂 mindset, we knew we were in good hands when Justin set us up to record! Justin has his own recording studio, vision, and ambition, making him the greatest and easiest person to work with. K n’ A can be a lot to handle crammed in one room, but Justin makes everything mellow and eased us into lil baby podcasters. We love Justin, thank you for everything you do for us!

Justin is our featured artist and small business for S1E2, FADBODS 😎 give him a follow, support his local San Diego artists, and give him a call (and a blunt) you need someone who’s head is in the GAME!

Instagram: @mixedbytruelove

Article- Megan Fox on Misogynist Experiences as an Actor – finding articles on Megan Fox has me HEATED. You can tell men write a lot of articles about her; let me do her one better. *cough cough* Looper, have women write your articles on women. Or at least have a woman proofread them…yikes.

Megan Fox called out her male directors, demanded respect and attention, and told her director his actions were paralleled to ‘Hitler’. She let everyone know who was a creep, who sexualized her, and who wanted to control her body by dictating her tattoos and plastic surgery. This should be a red flag on the character of everyone BUT Megan. Sadly, of course, in a man’s Comic Transformer world, she was ridiculed for going against the grain.

Instead of anyone listening to her, she was pegged as ‘dumb as a rock’, hard to work with and ‘in her own world’. That’s true, she is in her own world, where women demand respect and where addressing an issue is considered antagonizing and elevating an issue. We know, we know, WILD TIMES.

We love you Megan Fox, we would hire the shit out of you. She was shamed from Hollywood, ridiculed for getting older, and crippled with IRONY. If you love how ‘hot’ Megan Fox is, but as soon as she speaks, she is ‘dumb as a rock’ and ‘washed-up’, then you have mental health issues. It’s called narcissism, misogyny, and manipulation, honey! It’s got to go. Notice how many people will say that movies tanked and were not successful because of Megan. No accountability for the director, or the producer, or the person who hired her ass. Aren’t you getting tired of women getting blamed for everything? *coughcough EVE*

I’ll exit here 🙂 -Kelli · Karma San Diego Podcast · podcasting · San Diego · San Diego eat & drink

S1E1 – Meet Adrianna and Kelli of Karma San Diego Podcast

Click here to stream our podcast for free on!

K n’ A go explain the thought process, motivation, and need for KarmaSD! Meet two San Diego native women as they explore all things entrepreneurship. We keep it real, we have a good time, and we positively impact our community with each step. Normalize cannabis and support small businesses with us! You can find more information about our podcast by visiting our website or email,, @karmasdpodcast

Businesses mentioned in this episode:

Team Phun – created our logo!

Not Your Nonna’s SD – Adrianna’s Italian pasta sauce company

True Green Meds SD – Our favorite Medical MMJ Delivery in San Diego

Blind Lady Ale House – where K n’ A fell in love over pizza and beer

Thanks for listening!

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Ready to Launch!

We are so excited and ready to launch! Our podcast is launching TOMORROW, August 14th! We’ll admit, we are quite new to this whole podcasting thing, so don’t yell at us, haha.

We are using fireside as our distributor, making our podcast available across soooo many platforms! Click here to listen to our podcast for free a la Fireside!!!

We mention a ton of small businesses in our podcast; we will talk extensively about them here in our bloggy poo!

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Introducing: Karma San Diego Podcast

We are a little nervous and a lot of excited to finally be announcing the launch of our podcast, Karma San Diego!!!!

A little background….

Adrianna and Kelli (previously I, of Cordercollective before the site revamp) have been best friends, old roommates, and soul sisters for years! We are long overdue in taking the leap of faith that podcasting requires…let’s just say, it takes a quarantine to shine a light on the things you want most in life!

We have a lot of goals with our podcasts, and we also love blowing with the winds of change when possibility and opportunity come along. We don’t want a structure, with structure! We want only one rule: no rules! Does this vibe sound familiar? Here are some of our podcast thoughts:

-We aren’t looking to edit or delete our mistakes. Call us lazy with editing, or honest with conversations, but we love all the tidbits in-between when it comes to lifestyle podcasting. Whenever I watch Queer Eye and they are getting to the nitty gritty sob fests, I wish they would show the real deal! No splicing and dicing, I want it ALL, all the weird pauses inbetween. We want to bring this vulnerability and authenticity to our podcast which means….

-Calling each other out on our bullshit. The theme of our podcast is really to call out other people, institutions, and perspectives, but we are well-rounded, yall! We are completely aware of how imperfect we are, and so we bring a REDTABLE talk authenticity to our weird ass lives.

-We love cannabis. Yeah, let’s cut straight to it. We’d like to be the Cheech to your chong, and also normalize the hell out of it. The social stigma of cannabis has weighed on our shoulders, the world’s shoulders, for far too long. We might only be two white girls talking about ourselves on a podcast, but we want to be TWO more people in this world taking a step in the right direction:normalising cannabis. Because of this, our podcast is 18-21+ y/o suggested, depending on your listening State and their stipulations on cannabis use. We are located in California, where MMJ (medicinal marijuana) laws apply, and we adhere. We will stay a lot longer at your family BBQs if we can BURN ONE instead of DRINK ONE, yadda?

-We are ridiculous. We are two native San Diegans with loud personalities, a lot of heart, and hard working JANES of all Trades. If we aren’t your people, we might know someone who will be! As liaisons of this world, we will be showcasing 1 local San Diego Business on each Podcast. We love all things SMALL BUSINESS and San Diego needs some serious love and support. We are here for it!

-We podcast weekly. You can expect weekly content, with a special guest at the end of each month. This guest will likely be tied to our SMALL BUSINESS that we are KARMICALLY uplifting, so please feel free to reach out to us!! We would love to do our research, vet ya, and promote ya! We are looking for good people, good work ethics, happy employees, happy customers, and community support. Join us!

-How do we give back to the community? This will continue to grow, as we have many exciting things in the works! Until then, Adrianna hosts San Diego beach clean ups and Kelli is a Little Free library stewardess. Are you interested in attending our beach cleanups, or does a library in your San Diego neighborhood need a refill of books? Reach out to us: We would love to hear from you!

We are so excited to launch our first 3 episodes on FRIDAY, August 14th, on all your favorite streaming sites!!

-K n’ A

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Quarantine Crafting Queen Activities – #ThankfulThursday

Well aren’t I a quarantine crafting queen! What have you been doing to keep busy? I know many have their hands full with working at home and having littles, so I am appreciating the luxury of being able to knit and already having so many extra supplies so that I do not have to spend any money. All situations are different and all are suffering, so I am doing my part and trying to stay sane in the meantime. Aren’t we all?

Some of my favorite crafts that have been keeping us busy:

1. Knitting beanies and plant sleeves with a KNITTING LOOM

2. Finally putting all those puzzles together that have been stacking up in our game cabinet

3. Bake a recipe that requires more than one step- I made cinnamon streusel!

4. Rearrange the entire house to remove stifled and stagnant energy. Bonus points if you are able to bring some of your outdoor plants into the house!

5. Notice things that you haven’t before, like your book titles that are put in upside down in the shelf. Ha- it took being upside down in yoga practice for me to notice this!

6. Check on our free little library! Using safe social distancing and sanitization practices, we have loved being able to walk outside, get some fresh air, and see how many people have been reading a little bit more than they are used to! The collective is appreciative of these libraries as resources because all city libraries are closed

7. Love on your fur babies- letting our dog stay in our bed a little bit more than he usually is allowed. I think he is getting fat!

8. Making and watching YouTube videos- my favorite past time, as I have a few months of catching up to do with Jenna Marbles.

Happy reading and viewing friends! Stop drop and stretch right now!

Free Little Library · Free Little Library Friday · San Diego

How’s my Free Lil Library Doing During the Quarantine – #FreeLittleLibraryFriday

Enjoy a few photo updates of our lil library! She is doing great, holding up well during this soggy San Diego weather and well-trafficked and received by our neighbors. I haven’t been going out of the house much, and knew I needed to go on a quick walk with the family to check out the library. I miss long distance walks and chatting with my grandma at the corner, but am honored and humbled to withhold my civic duty of #stayinghome and enjoying the perks of Quarantine life.

Here is a hyperlink to my library’s induction ceremony earlier this year. I am so glad we hosted this February 23rd, before honoring social distance. It has been a great escape, fond memory, and humbling tool to offer my community. San Diego Public Libraries are closed, but our lil doors are open! I am excited to make a photo ‘coffee table book’ of the slowly changing insides.

Today, I left two books and took two books! One of the lovely perks of having your own library to check on is the ample books you get to choose from day to day. Perhaps you have taken a book from my library, and it brought you to this page! Welcome! You can click here to read more about my bookmarks, stewardess mission and collective that I own with my husband and really cute pupper, Pinecone.

Reading has been such a healing part of my life, and I have been having a hard time focusing and carving time out for me to jump into a new book. I will never take a good book for granted! What are you reading these days? More time to read and more time to worry; aren’t we all just doing our best…

Have a great day OMies, and do try to stretch while sitting at your desk today! Chair yoga for the win- I included a link below if you need a familiar face to guide you through it.

Muse Monday · Music and Sound Healing · San Diego

2019 Live Music in San Diego – #MuseMonday

Enjoy a few live music photos from 2019! Featured artists:

Puerto- Sean Nowland Zach Poletta

Mark Tegio

Kelli Corder- Crystal sound bowls

Academy of our Lady of Peace music room/drum set

Cheers to live music and the sacred union that it brings!!