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S1E21 – Posh Spice

You know it’s gonna be a good episode when its 1 hour and 11 minutes!

Woow, what a sacred number. GOLLY- these two gals are trying not to cuss as much, as needed. Sometimes, you need alternatives, aka when you get visceral reactions from others when you drop a motherfucker ass bomb. It happens, man. And so, we try out new dad phrases, and we hope you enjoy this week’s tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark, shopping sustainably, and stuffing your mouth with food n’ weed!  As tradition, we feature Great Housekeeping-Adrianna reminds us that Kelli never told her ghost story! Tune in for our Matilda experiences with doors; drop a line if you’ve ever had some spooky door stories. We’d lurve to hear them!  

My arm is racing!  

Our Episode 21 Creature comforts include a lot of dankness:  (Before recording, Kell picked up some hot n’ fresh) Dark Horse Coffee oat milk salted maple lattes Horse Coffee Roasters  we love a good poop! Clayborne Co. – flower and keef da sneek FLYERS twopack 26% THC XJ-13 cute lil 2pack is really the move for you and your bestie!  

Name Drops: A quest for minimalism with the minimalists: Minimalists   Some issues with a troubling college class that Centered Whiteness a little too much, as expected:   Mom Talk: Tokenizing Black Children Is Not White Allyship ( White Women, We Have Officially Run Out Of Excuses | ELLE AustraliaWhy I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge  

Kelli shares some great tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark, as well as customer service woes- tune in to hear more! We love talking all things recycled fashion. Use codeword ‘teensy tinsy shoes’ if you really want to get serious with us.   

Our small business for this week- SIPZ! SIPZ is Kelli’s favorite restaurant of all time, so this week is really serious. Sipz Vegetarian Kitchen | Vegan | Menu | Clairemont | San Diego,    Hear what Kelli orders every week, like clockwork. We love 346 appetizers for dinner. @sipzcafe Capishe? We love you!

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Ready to Launch!

We are so excited and ready to launch! Our podcast is launching TOMORROW, August 14th! We’ll admit, we are quite new to this whole podcasting thing, so don’t yell at us, haha.

We are using fireside as our distributor, making our podcast available across soooo many platforms! Click here to listen to our podcast for free a la Fireside!!!

We mention a ton of small businesses in our podcast; we will talk extensively about them here in our bloggy poo!

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Poshmark Seller Materials List – #WellReadWednesday

Good morning friends! Today, I am going to share some of the tools you’ll need to be a Poshmark Seller. I have been selling on Poshmark for over 5 years and have a lot of experience! With over 1,000 sales, 64K followers and all sorts of customer service experiences haha, I have put together a few Poshmark Posts for those of you looking for tips.

Materials LIST

1. Mobile phone with Poshmark Mobile App downloaded. You can view and manage your Poshmark account on a desktop computer, but you cannot list and upload items. You must upload photos of your items through the App. Here’s a link to my closet!

2. Shipping Materials. I suggest creating a USPS account and ordering your supplies here, especially if you do not have $ to spend on shipping tape. I order shipping materials through USPS once every few months, and it takes anywhere from 5-20 days to arrive. I always order MAILING SLEEVES, MAILERS and BOXES. Click for links to them!

3. Save all shipping materials you receive. Bubble mailers, boxes, envelopes, shoe boxes, puffy bags of air, tissue. Create a designated recycling area (like your spare room, garage or underneath a table) and store all your materials. PRO TIP- ask your neighbors, parents or friends to save their shipping materials for you to use. This depends on what you sell. I sell decorative pillows often and need large boxes that the post office doesn’t provide for free. YOU CAN MAIL YOUR POSHMARK ORDERS in anything and everything. They do not have to be mailed in Priority mail materials. Yes, you can mail your shoes right in their shoe box! Taped up properly, of course.

4. Scissors. Trim all excess strings off of clothes you are selling

5. 1 pant hanger and 1 Shirt Hanger. Preferably, nice and photo-worthy! There are for hanging your items when photographing them.

6. Shipping tape and regular good ole-tape

7. Optional- thank you cards for large $ purchases. When someone buys an item over $35, I like to slip in a thank-you. Often, I reuse an index card or repurpose construction paper (teacher life) and do not spend money on thank you cards

Happy Poshing, friends! Check out my closet and let me know if you have any questions.

Want to practice yoga virtually with me? I have included content below-Yoga free and accessible for all!

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Bookmarks n’ Business Tools- #MuseMondays

I love a good bookmark! I vividly remember my favorites that motivated me to read. Who doesn’t love a Lizzy McGuire accessory 🙂
Wow- custom ordered bookmarks are expensive! I dream of having my own book mark, but I needed to supplement in the meantime with a smaller order.
My goal is to put a bookmark inside of each donated book at our local Little Libraries. Yes, this is a great marketing tool, but I speak from my heart when I say I want to connect. I want to be approachable, and I want people to always know where to find me. As jack and janes of all trades, Josh and I have a lot to offer. The best way to showcase our work is to get them to our website!

Perhaps you found me here at because of this bookmark! If you did, will you send a little lovebeam and leave a comment below?

As a stewardess- I am always collecting and accepting book donations. Please contact me if your local free libraries need a REFILL.

For 500 bookmarks, or business cards, I paid less than $33 with shipping! Vista print is an amazing Business tool that we have accessed for more than 5 years. Take a journey with me as I reflect on our previous business cards:

Our first business card from 2015! We predominately used them as price tags (as shown) for dream catchers that we were selling at various retailers and booths. I still love this business card and I love randomly finding them in our home office!img_8425img_8426Last year, I switched to a Yoga Teacher-dominant business card. I wanted something custom; I am always getting asked about my Spotify playlists. I needed a large gap where I can write a prescription for whatever I am talking about with a student/teacher/friend. This particular card has a link to the palindrome themed class playlist that I taught on Febrary 2nd, hence the title ‘02022020’.

I ordered all 3 of these business cards on Vista print and paid less than $35 each time. I love them! Not everyone loves a business card, but it is still one of my favorite business tools that I use regularly.


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Nanny Seeks Free Little Biblioteca #FreeLittleLibraryFriday

IMG_6407Happy Friday! This week’s feature throws us back to the days of yore.

I took the copy of Seabiscuit, and for the second time, I just couldn’t get into it.

In a previous lifetime not too long ago, I worked as a nanny! I have babysat, nanny-ed, and watched children since I was a kiddo myself. Babysitting the neighbor next-door was my first job almost 20 years ago, and my cousins and brother later gave me more practice! To pay for my Yoga Teacher Training, I worked as a nanny for two different families and their infants. Infants mean STROLLER WALKS. I walked over 50 miles around South Park, San Diego, and I believe this is the true hub of active FLLs. They are used, loved, artistically crafted and easily accessible on just about every corner. Bonus: you get to view adorable, historically deemed architecture while sipping a latte and pushing a bebe. This photo was taken while I was in my teacher training, reading asana manuals while rocking a restless and painstricken infant.

Nannying took an incredible amount of patience and  humility, as maternal instincts feel foreign to me and paternal instincts feel natural. I loved my time as a nanny and hope to never do it again. However, I know that it is an incredible skill to have in times of need, which is why I have turned to nannying for a steady income for years. In times of total need, I always know that I can turn to nannying, Poshmark, and my Etsy shop for instant cash. They just require so much….time. Gratitude for my success as a Yoga Teacher so that I currently do not have to rear children.

Looking for $? I suggest URBAN SITTER, an app that was well worth the hoops needed to prove you are baby-sittable. Reliable and great for random cash. Requires patience and trust. I’d give my experience 8/10. I used for about 2 years.

I remember walking by this Free Little Library while pushing a lovely lady when she was only 3 months old…I think about her all the time.

XO Namaste Nanny

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Teen Yoga and the Manomaya Kosha – Teacher Tuesdays

Hello OMies! Welcome to another week of Teacher Tuesdays, where I share some of the tools that I use as a Yoga Teacher here in the San Diego area, as well as the teachings that I am working on as an avid student of LIFE! I love writing curriculum and creating activities for team building and mind-body connection.

Today, I wanted to share this week’s Yogic Theme for my teen/high school level yogis.


You will need:

-Yoga Mat or Towel/Carpet

-Writing Medium (the medium is the message! Choose a pen, pencil, or writing device that brings you JOY)

-CONVERSATION CARDS: Start collecting Yoga Articles. Rather than printing them out, please repurpose or compile a hyperlink list of suggested articles! Ideas for what I used: 2-3 copies of Yoga Journal Magazine, mindfulness and meditation articles from school, newspaper and mail, essential oil catalogues, Yoga Teacher Training Materials (if you have completed a 200, 300 hour training, breathe some life back into those dusty binders that your teachers worked so hard to create)

-Laminator (optional, but also the greatest investment I have ever made. Here is the exact one that I bought. This way, you can use your materials for multiple seasons, semesters, and years without worrying about sweaty yogi paws!)

-Printer (if you would like hard copies of the Manomaya Kosha worksheet, otherwise, go green and upload to your school/training portal). You can read about my sacred and trusty printer that I have had for 49 months NOW here!!

-Empty wall

THEME: The Manomaya (Third Kosha) – finding balance and positivity in emotions, mind, senses and mind-body connection

TIME NEEDED: 60-80 Minutes

AGE: About 14 y/o+, appropriate for pre-teen, teen and adult

Begin class: 5 MINUTES- Grounding, Explaining the Manomaya Kosha (prior knowledge of the first two koshas is ideal. For information on the first (annamaya) kosha and second (pranamaya) kosha, click for some of my favorite references. Optional- pass out this worksheet that I created. for further explanation and for your students to reference outside of class.

ASANA: 20 MINUTES. General warm-up with familiar poses. I try not to introduce new poses when also introducing new concepts. However, you can reinvent a pose infinite ways and will learn so much from your OMies! Today, we re-visited chair pose, Sun Salutation A, Standing Crescent, and Gate Pose

WALL: 15 minutes. Walk yogis over to a blank wall with no disturbances and protuberances. First, practice ‘WALL SITS’ and the proper, ergonomic way to use a wall as back support. Using flat feet, happy unclenched toes, and heels fully rooted to the ground. This is a great opportunity to find pelvic floor awareness, as the wall helps students ‘suction cup’ their back to the wall and feel the benefits of a long spine. The physical body, your annamaya kosha, is going to be alerting everyone to stand up! The body will bark and yell at the mind to stand up and find relief, but the mind, the manomaya kosha, has chosen to wall-sit for 60 seconds. Continue with additional wall poses: downward dog with hands on the wall, crossed-leg (eagle) wall sits, tippy-toe wall sits, and even standing savasana with a gentle lean on the wall!

RETURN TO MAT: 15 MINUTES. Cool down for Savasana prep. Continue further chats about awareness, the importance of stretching after wall-sits. (My class and I took Seated twists, boat pose, shoulder stand, happy baby and forward fold)

SILENT SAVASANA- 5 MINUTES. No distractions with music, we embraced the sounds that surround us and noticed the mind and body connection. (example- there was a jack-hammer in the distance and some of the students felt the noise and vibration with twitching toes, alert and open eyes, and tightness in their hands. Peaceful bird noises, doors opening and closing, coughing and sneezing- how does the body respond? Can you tune out and tap in?)

CONVERSATION CARDS- 20 MINUTES. After closing class and our sacred circle with NAMASTE. the students awaken to the sight of CONVERSATION CARD MANDALA. Working in groups or solo, YOGI’s CHOICE, browse the circle and select the card that glimmers in your eye! Read the front and back on the article , and discuss your musings and learnings with yourself or your yogi neighbor. Get the mind working! Activate the senses, have conversation, and see if the initial article activates any other thoughts or ideas.

OMwork is up to you. These students were asked to create a discussion board post and write some of their CONVERSATION CARD musings for the class to read and share. (3-5 sentences) However, you can also have them submit handwritten assignments for moving meditation, have the teens volunteer to share what their group discussed to the class, or pick 1 single conversation card to do with your group of >4.

Enjoy activating your MANOMAYA KOSHA and exploring asana with your OMies! If you would like a copy of this worksheet or additional information about my resources used, I am only an email away:


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Measured Ingredients for the Perfect Spell- #ThankfulThursdays

What a busy week! I asked Josh, what should I be thankful for on Thankful Thursday? He replied, ‘your self-determination’. Insert- CRYING! Thanks for the support, babe. I have had an impending due date hanging over my head for 3 months, and I have successfully sent in my application to my MA program TODAY. With infinite abundance to be grateful for today, I really couldn’t go wrong with what I am writing about- NO ONE regrets gratitude.

With self determination comes great self care. I have had a checklist posted on the back of our office door for MONTHS, listing all of the tasks I slowly needed to enjoy checking off. I love setting myself up for success!  I knew that I needed to supplement with feelings of success, pampering and motivation to work as hard as I do.


I love writing thank you’s! However, I am terribly poor at mailing them. 1 month ago, I wrote all of my heartfelt thank-yous to loved ones for Christmas, Yuletide, and Birthday blessings in December. After much procrastination, I finally pulled out the ole address book and put these magical stamps as a morning meditation exercise. When I am feeling dull, I grab 3-5 blank notebook cards and write thank yous to the first few people that come to mind. This is a great act of SEVA to yourself, and others. Angel cards- I love letting the divine lead. As an avid card puller, both angel and tarot, I enjoy reading messages through the eyes of others. Every few months, I budget for us to buy a deck or two. They really inspire the collective and add an element of affirmation to my life. Here is a link to a similar deck, same illustrator, different theme.

Interested in having your cards pulled? I offer card readings, both in written form and in personal hOMe spreads. Feel free to reach out to me at another way to get to know yourself and your partner! To keep myself grounded, I like to pull a rune. This one will serve us for many moons and I likely will not pull another one for myself for months. This one has truly guided Josh and I with answers to long-asked questions; I am excited to share more about this particular RUNE PULL in the future.  Yoga therapy- I booked an appointment and met with my Yoga Therapist! This is one of my favorite new forms of self care. In the past, I used to budget about $100/month for my yoga membership. Now that I teach asana, I have the privilege of infinite access and have been looking for mentorship in both student and teacher capacities. My Yoga Therapist, Susana Jones, is also the leader of the teacher training program that I graduated from and a guiding light on my path! In this week’s appointment, we discussed my future Yoga Nidra practices, the absence of demonstration in my teaching, and shoulder awareness as I bring my body back to a state of BLISS. No wonder I feel so determined and magical this week!


Having a mentor that you can turn to on a professional and spiritual level is an incredibly powerful business tool that I will never take for granted. Just appreciate when you feel divinely guided to study under another! Thanks for taking me under your wing, Urban Yogi. Chanting, chimes, calories, cheesy bread in bed- what more can a girl want? In order to conjure magic, you need a little bit of all the right ingredients. Cook’s rosemary sourdough bread and daiya cheese have made my VEGAN fantasies come true! If you have a busy week coming up, pamper yourself with pre-scheduled self care. Whether spiritual, monetary, or physical, find pleasure in the journey and appreciate how hard you are able to work. I will never take this mind for granted!

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Office Yoga is More Accessible Than You Think- Here’s Why #TeacherTuesdays

Pictured: a good ole conference room! 🙂

Office Yoga is an incredibly accessible mode of healing and wellness that can be implemented into any workspace. Like, any workspace, with ease. You name it, I’ve yoga’ed there! Financial planning offices, breweries, dive bars, kitchens, faculty, lifeguard stations, active duty, contracting offices….

Does your workplace have a wellness or team-building budget? A Wellness coordinator? A healthy hippy HR rep? A new idea for their company Christmas party? The most daunting aspect of initiating yoga in your office space is going to be: ASKING.


-Chances are, your employer is going to positively receive any suggestions. You might not be the only person that has inquired about yoga and meditation in the workplace!

-Eradicating the EGO prompts us to vocalize our needs without worrying about how others will perceive you. As a shy and introverted person, you may have a hard time vocalizing to others what your needs are. Others may mock you, make fun of you, or criticize your mention of Yoga. Ah, this comes with the territory. The stereotypical yogi practicing yoga that we see in the media and on Netflix is not accurate. Media does not show an all-encompassing definition of living, breathing yoga, and others may be misunderstanding a few things. Take it easy on them, smile, and invite them to the mat!

-Help your team understand why yoga is important. Rather than challenging any religious beliefs, all-encompassing Yoga compliments them by holding the student accountable to self-study, awareness, and community. Plus, exercise! 🙂 Mindfulness will positively affect your workspace.

-Your boss probably needs Yoga

-Too nervous to ask and live in the San Diego area? Send me an email! I am happy to reach out to your company, supervisor, or Wellness Coordinator about adding Yoga to your workplace to meet ANY BUDGET


-You can work with any budget! There are a few ways to execute this:

-Make your work pay for it. Wellness budgets and employee outreach is common; your work likely has money to spend, so why not have it spent on some OMazing yoga, instead of a pedometer?

-Work won’t pay? Pool together money yourself on a month-to-month basis. Become the steward/ess of yoga for your workplace, and ask your team how many people would like to participate in weekly yoga (tell them the time and date). If your Yoga Teacher charges $50/class, 4 weeks a month, that is a $200 expense. If 8 yogis participate in Yoga, then have each yogi contribute $25 a month. Pay your teacher for the month, and hop on the mat! (and if you pay your teacher in advance, before they teach, you get extra karma super powers and may reach enlightenment)

-FREE YOGA- while your teacher might not be as seasoned, or experienced, there are many recent yoga teacher training graduates that are looking for experience and would love to teach for you, for FREE. Ask your local yoga studio (that hosts yoga teacher trainings) if they would like to join forces with you! They will be able to provide eager, excited and graduated teachers to you, consistently.  CONS: most likely, you will not have the same teacher consistently. Prepare to see a new face every few months or sessions, depending on the studio’s needs.


-Some Yoga Teachers have all props needed. Ask your teacher if they can provide mats and speakers.

– ‘seasoned’ yogis may already have their own mat.

-awesome opportunity to put your work logo on your next company GIFT! Mats make lovely gifts!

-If you work in close quarters, then you likely do not have space to store gym equipment. Having your teacher bring all props is wise, and worry free. Otherwise, tell all your OMies to bring a:

-yoga mat

-comfy clothes (t shirts, basketball shorts, cotton)

-water bottle

-speaker/sound system (optional)

-space heater/air conditioning/sunscreen is optional but shouldn’t be overlooked!



-Chances are, you have ample dead space that could easily fit some yogis in your workspace. Do you have a conference room? Push some chairs over! Have an empty office? Totally doable! Long hallway? Let’s stop drop and yoga! That grassy lawn outside? That park across the street? You really ought to jaunt outside a bit more 🙂 When the conference room is busy, my yogis and I are able to practice on their ROOF DECK, and it is whimsical!

-Please let your teacher know if they are going to be teaching outside so they can prepare their class and FACE accordingly! 🙂

-let your team know when you are having Yoga, especially those that are not participating. I now put a sign on the conference room door! If you have shared space, you may experience the photocopier going wild in savasana (yup, happened!), or someone pops in to use the fax machine (really? yup! that happened), or someone needs to be pulled out of yoga for a work-related issue. SET THE TONE- tell them that Yoga is your sacred and revered moving meditation that should be approached with respect! Your teacher will have your back and help keep you safe, no matter where you are practicing.

-Remind your team that this is only an hour of their 40+ hour workweek. 1/41th of the time spent at work. They deserve a little wellness!


-Be sure that the teacher you hire is Registered through a Yoga Alliance approved, registered and accredited program. Be sure that your teacher has insurance. Ask for a copy of their insurance, and if they require any safety liability forms to be signed (this is optional and depends on the teacher’s insurance, as well as your workplace).

-You will have all shapes and sizes joining you in office yoga, and all are welcome. You’ll hear many excuses why people cannot make it to the mat, but if you build it, they will come. Injuries, disabilities, and superpowers welcome. I suggest when looking for a teacher, ask for someone who can teach: Gentle Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin/Restorative, Chair, and/or Prenatal Yoga

-Have a favorite yoga teacher at a studio? Ask them if they are interested in teaching at your workplace, or know someone who is! Yoga teachers have a unique schedule, and adding an hour session to their workweek might jive perfectly with their life and yours.


-Speaking from experience…Upon hire, I bring a hanging file that contains a copy of my certification, my insurance, (that I pay for annually) and a resume with other services I can offer to the office. (Think…reiki, massage, energy work, meditation, privates, events). I also list my go-to sub’s name and contact information, in the event I am absent I still guarantee YOGA, no matter what. In my couple years of doing this, I have never needed a sub! Think: safety net and professionalism, not worse case scenario

-Insurance through Yoga Alliance can be expensive (but is top notch); Insurance Canopy is a company here in the United States that has more affordable rates. Have I ever filed a claim? No! Have I slept like a baby every night I have had it? YAS!

-I suggest that your time and date is consistent. Discipline breeds freedom. Your clients may need grooming to put themselves first. You might need some grooming, too 🙂 Try not to sub out your classes for the first few months, if at all avoidable.

-Do not talk about your future absences right before you teach!

-Find an amazing ‘sub’ as soon as you are hired, so that you always have a back-up that you trust. Ask or tell your new client, upon hire, that you have a designated sub. The ball is in your court! Chances are, your office clients will change yoga days to accommodate your schedule because they LOVE YOU, but all yoga teachers need days off.

Thanks for reading! Why do I share my tricks of the trade? Because I care 🙂 am happy to share, and those curious enough to google ‘OFFICE YOGA’ and make it this far in my blog post deserves some actual information about OFFICE YOGA. Namaste friends!!



My Business Tools

Printer Love

Nerd Alert- I love my printer so much I’m gonna blog about it.

Meet my trustee printer 🙂 2+ years ago, my parents bought us this printer before we hit the road. I’m still obsessed 🤓

You connect to the printer via Wifi, either on your phone or your computer. The interface is really simple; you’ll need to download the Epson Print App.

It holds a charge really well! I can print about 20-25 pages before recharging. You can keep this printer plugged into the wall at all times, if you’d like. However, when we were on the road, we only had power when the sun was shining 🌞 via solar panel with a USB adapter.

When we hit the road in 2016, the back of our trailer was loaded with things to sell. Dream catchers, beanies, and all of our clothes from our previous lifestyle had to GO. I had literally hundreds of items to sell: business attire, high heels, makeup, etc. Good Riddance!!!

I had to print shipping labels for my online sales (Etsy and Poshmark) regularly. I somehow maintained an incredible shipping turnaround; there are sooo many post offices on the road. We have memories of the beautiful post offices in Lake Tahoe, where I made giant custom catchers and shipped in FIREWOOD boxes, and we took books from their free little library. We remember the sweet worker in Lassen-Volcanic area, who had my favorite sized boxes in stock and gave me 25! And of course, the most frequented post office was in Portland…and I had the pleasure of morning walks to the post while watching the leaves change in the PNW in September. Ahhh, this post might be about a silly printer, but really, this simple tool allowed us to sell over 800 items, 800 shipping labels!!, with a humble budget. I only spent $89 on ink in 2016, which is quite remarkable for such a small printer.

I highly recommend 🙂 I think it runs about $200 on Amazon 🤓 it is a great small business tool that you can keep in your car or pack away if you are an infrequent user.

My next quest is to start refilling the ink cartridges, instead of re-ordering online. Time to step out of my comfort zone and find a place in SD to refill ink!

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Another productive trailer day…I had the opportunity to bust out my new toy that Josh’s sister got me for Christmas:

 Wait for it…
 So handy, huh? Naturally, I paced around the trailer to look for something to unscrew. The next week will entail gutting, scraping, & patching as we prepare for THE SPRAYER. We are primering (totally a word) the inside white for a clean slate before we commit to a wall color.

Alas, I found something to unscrew:

 Gorrrrrgeous velour paneling and a cassette player to get the mood going. This bad boy has got to go; we want a new music setup.
 😂😂😂 I took off one panel. My work here is done! Although I think at this pace, we aren’t going to get very far….

And lastly, here’s my most recent thrifting find. Anyone have insight into this item’s purpose or origin? It looks like it belongs in a meditative space….I think it’ll make a fantastic replacement for the current dinette pillow!