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Peek into your Camera Roll – #MuseMonday Photo Dump

Spider’s Altar
Look how much this plant has grown babe!
lovely shadows, I miss this catcher and remember it was really heavy
Sunsets down at garbage
That sourgrass meditation I wrote a million moons ago, nom nom nom
I miss that hanging succulent, I think we killed it
Yew! I love how the beads matched the sticks of fire
Shagadilla I want chickens babe

Welcome to this week’s Phone Dump, where I snag a few photos from my camera roll and explain to an OMie what I see. A great writing prompt for myself, a great way to share window into my soul, this week I give you a slideshow of photos that I am describing to my husband, Jawwwsh. Off I go, happy viewing 🙂

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Want to support us and our collective, and need non-financial money-based ideas on how to do so?

We love and appreciate you all so much! Enjoy our musings and archive.

Muse Monday · Vegan

Vegan Quesadilla Tacos – Muse Monday

Quarantine quesadilla alert!

My staple diet includes corn tortillas, veggies, and the occasional vegan cheese. Hence, my experimentation with all three! I am a native San Diegan missing all of my usual spots to eat Mexican food. Yes, I can order to go, but I eat out for the environment and ambiance! Always have. I feel like I can cook better than most places I like to eat, but it’s the journey and ‘date night vibes’ that really excites me. Plus, I have food allergy contamination anxiety, so cooking at home is usually my go-to! Day 41 of this pandemic, however, and I am fixin’ for a CA burrito.

Call me quarantined, but I have made quesadillas in lieu of taco shells, indefinitely.


10 lbs heavier

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Phone Dump- #MuseMonday

You know I love a Phone Dump! Click here to read about one of my favorite Writing Prompts I have deemed, Phone Dump. Select 10-15 random photos in your camera roll, and choose a friend/loved one to ‘write’ to. Describe to them what you see!

You took pictures of these things for a reason- why not breathe some life into them, practice memory, and start writing?! 🙂

Today’s ritual: Describe this phone dump to me mum. Take a scroll through my camera roll, ma, and let the conversations begin!

Thanks for reading! Need some chair yoga? Free content on YOUTUBE for all levels. Young, old, able bodied, foreseen limitations- I am up to the challenge 🙂

Muse Monday · Music and Sound Healing · San Diego

2019 Live Music in San Diego – #MuseMonday

Enjoy a few live music photos from 2019! Featured artists:

Puerto- Sean Nowland Zach Poletta

Mark Tegio

Kelli Corder- Crystal sound bowls

Academy of our Lady of Peace music room/drum set

Cheers to live music and the sacred union that it brings!!

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Diaper Wreath Catcher – this week's #MuseMonday

Thank you for the inspiration, Sarah!
Should I make a tutorial on how to make this?

On this week’s Muse Monday, I nostalgically looked through my Etsy shop and chose one of my favorite custom orders!

I love custom orders! Truly, receiving a custom order allows the artist in me to grow and thrive. Like a chameleon, I love to adapt and change to the surroundings around me. In my regular, day to day life, I am sequencing yoga classes to cater to the needs of the students that are practicing with me. I never know what students are going to need, what modifications they might be looking for, or what perceived limitations stand in their way. When I receive a custom order, I see it as my biggest compliment. You are trusting me! Wow, so lovely to be trusted.

I will never take this for granted! Almost two years ago now, my yoga teacher training sister asked me to make her a DIAPER WREATH CATCHER to adorn the door of a bridal shower she was hosting.

This was a great challenge! Here are some bullet points for ya-

-After creating this diaper catcher, it was my most popular etsy listing for over a year. This is a popular DIY that comes up when you Pinterest or research lovely things to do for your momma-to-be. I proceeded to sell one to a lovely woman in the East Coast, and ….

-It was a bitch to ship! I will not be shipping these anymore in the future. I am hoping to create a DIY listing on youtube, teaching people how to create this. I also am happy to make them LOCALLY in San Diego

-If you live in San Diego, I can make you one of these catchers and hand-deliver it to your home. The cost is $128, and I need 2 weeks to make it.

-The diapers are not reusable 😦 This was a hard pill for me to swallow, as I try to be as eco friendly as I can possibly be. I use hot glue to keep the diapers crisp and seamless, and no booty wants glue on it!

-This is a unisex order; you are looking at photos from a GIRL themed baby shower where the mamas wanted crystal, pink and nude tones. I am very non-binary in my work, and will happily create something as masculine or as feminine as you see fit. I create what you are looking for, and energy read and work for who the dream catcher is for. Sex and gender are irrevelant when sending love and reiki to clients in their dream state!

-I would love to teach you how to make this. IF you buy all the supplies (I can shop, suggest, or supply shopping list), and live in San Diego, I will come over for $25 and teach you how to make this yourself. Optional- bottle of wine 🙂

-Vegan options available. In lieu of feathers and leather, I use synthetic suede, pom poms, and fabric straps for the tendrils

Thanks Sarah! I think of you and Monica all the TIME. You are my muse for this Monday! Without your request, I wouldn’t have birthed this labor of love.

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Long Overdue Chair Yoga for my OMies – #MuseMondays

And all of a sudden, I started living the life I always dreamed of…

Welcome to chair yoga! 🙂

Greetings, OMies! It’s Kelli here, surviving the pandemic like the rest of us, in quarantine. I am loving that I have a routine to rely on. As a full-time yoga teacher, I drastically made a shift in the way that I work only one week ago. Last Monday, I had finished teaching two classes, in person, and had to assist my beloved yoga studio close down, for now, for the next few weeks. Wow, what a week in the collective consciousness and in myself!

I always planned on uploading my yoga content to youtube, but sometimes, it takes life-crisis, a pandemic, or the true NEED to be the catalyst. I am a fire sign, and when I have a fire lit under me, I will not stop! I am currently engrossed and invigorated by the practice that virtual yoga is bringing me.

As you can imagine, I am used to teaching dozens a classes a week, and taking a few weeks off of this is not great for my mental health. I have a community to serve!

Many of my Yoga videos are accessible through Hapa Yoga Ohana Online, which is a Facebook group that is designed for our clients and members.

I have also been recording content for my private clients! My office yogis still need their yoga, and my family has been requesting tons of different styles of yoga. It is amazing that despite how tragic this situation can be with COVID-19, we are able to rise together as a community and I have been able to create this avenue.

If you would like to watch my YouTube videos, Click this link here.

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Bookmarks n’ Business Tools- #MuseMondays

I love a good bookmark! I vividly remember my favorites that motivated me to read. Who doesn’t love a Lizzy McGuire accessory 🙂
Wow- custom ordered bookmarks are expensive! I dream of having my own book mark, but I needed to supplement in the meantime with a smaller order.
My goal is to put a bookmark inside of each donated book at our local Little Libraries. Yes, this is a great marketing tool, but I speak from my heart when I say I want to connect. I want to be approachable, and I want people to always know where to find me. As jack and janes of all trades, Josh and I have a lot to offer. The best way to showcase our work is to get them to our website!

Perhaps you found me here at because of this bookmark! If you did, will you send a little lovebeam and leave a comment below?

As a stewardess- I am always collecting and accepting book donations. Please contact me if your local free libraries need a REFILL.

For 500 bookmarks, or business cards, I paid less than $33 with shipping! Vista print is an amazing Business tool that we have accessed for more than 5 years. Take a journey with me as I reflect on our previous business cards:

Our first business card from 2015! We predominately used them as price tags (as shown) for dream catchers that we were selling at various retailers and booths. I still love this business card and I love randomly finding them in our home office!img_8425img_8426Last year, I switched to a Yoga Teacher-dominant business card. I wanted something custom; I am always getting asked about my Spotify playlists. I needed a large gap where I can write a prescription for whatever I am talking about with a student/teacher/friend. This particular card has a link to the palindrome themed class playlist that I taught on Febrary 2nd, hence the title ‘02022020’.

I ordered all 3 of these business cards on Vista print and paid less than $35 each time. I love them! Not everyone loves a business card, but it is still one of my favorite business tools that I use regularly.


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Loyola Marymount University- Yoga Studies #MuseMondays

Two weeks ago, Josh and I had the pleasure of driving to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, to attend their Graduate Program Open House. I recently finished (and submitted, yahoo!) my application to their Yoga Studies Graduate Program and was curious to find out more.

LMU offers a low-residency option for their Yoga Studies program, meaning that 78% of your education is accessible virtually. This is ideal for a San Diegan that is not looking to leave!

Takeaways- the cohort is small. I was the only attendant at the event who had applied to the program, and one of 4 total people that came with curiosities regarding Yoga. I have goals of becoming a Yoga Therapist, and this cannot be accessed with their low-residency format. Food for thought as I make continuing steps with my career!

I do feel disheartened about the lack of communication. I have emailed twice since my attendance of this event and my application, and have yet to hear a response back. I live by a motto of quick draw-McGraw meets gung-ho superhero- I move quickly! I don’t expect the same, but I do respond well to it! 🙂

The campus is gorgeous, and the program is well-structured. While initially sold, I have lost my luster for the program since applying and am curious to hear back from them. However, Josh and I had an amazing day date! This campus and program was my muse from November til February of this year, and I am excited to share the written pieces I crafted for their admissions. This application prompted us to get a new laptop, start daily writing rituals, and seek counsel from friends that I respect the most. What a gift!After giving ourselves our own tour of the campus, we left for Plant Power at their Long Beach location. First timers, we were thrilled to eat our favorite fast food before sitting in the dreaded LA to SD traffic. Only 13 parking spaces at our burger joint made me anxious, but the gods guided us into a skinny spot! Burgers, Yoga, and babe- it was a great Saturday.

I think I saved $40K!

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Vegan Valentine’s Day Charcuterie – #MuseMondays

I have always loved Valentine’s Day! A celebration of love, a vibrant punch of pink, red and purple- I am all about it! Our first Valentine’s Day together, Josh and I were engaged, long-distance, and had a 4 hour Skype date on my living room floor. Josh was in his barracks in Hawaii, cheersing me from many miles away. We drank red wine, alone, together, and I opened his gifts for me. Josh sent me chocolate covered pretzels and flowers! I still have the card that came with them, and when I close my eyes, I can still see everything around me as it was in 2013. Non-vegan at the time, I ate an entire vat of turkey bacon, pancakes, and pretzels with red wine to enjoy our evening. Ha! cf31fa9e-4e9d-45b2-a78a-a0579b404015

Fast forward 7 years later, and Josh still gets me flowers every Valentine’s Day 🙂 and now he can deliver them to me in person, which is the loveliest gift of all! This year, Josh was in charge of drinks and charcuterie ingredients, while I was in charge of DESSERT. We had a night in, and it was so lovely! Enjoy the altar that I created during my morning rituals.

Any other party planners out there that like to pre-set out all of their bowls before show time? The food was so good I never even took a picture. Talk about being in the moment!

The Romance Oracle Deck is amazing and I have included a link to Amazon, where I purchased mine about 4 years ago. I love them and we have gifted them to many people our life, but they aren’t for everyone. The imagery is very heterosexual and white in representation, and so I use and pull accordingly. It is one of many tools that I use to navigate love, and these decks are ‘heavy’ hitters. They do not skirt around your romance life with positive affirmations! Rather, this deck has cards as vast as soul mate, co-dependency, divorce, children in the future, etc. I do not pull from them often, as they give us what we need when we need it!

Update: this deck is going for serious CASH! When I purchased it, I paid less than $20.

Vegan Charcuterie Shopping List:

Greyhound Cocktails- Tito’s Vodka, organic grapefruit juice, 3-4 fresh lemons (websites will tell you to use a little bit of lemon. We are here to tell you to use a LOT OF LEMON)

Veggies- red and yellow pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, snap peas, celery, carrots

Fruits- cuties/clementines, honey crisp apples, strawberries, green grapes

Nuts- roasted unsalted almonds, peanut butter

Cheese: CHAO Gouda slices, Daiya Jalapeño Jack cheese

Dips- BITCHIN’ Sauce, red pepper hummus, salsa

Crunchies- Organic Late July corn tortilla chips (restaurant style!), GF pretzels

Adds: Kalamata Olives, Sauerkraut


VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE- First, I bake a brownie mix in a very deep 9X13″ glass dish. Honestly, I buy whatever GF mix is for sale, and use Bob’s RED MILL Egg Replacer and Oatly Milk to make it vegan. Let cool and put in freezer overnight. The next day, thaw 2 pints of your favorite ice cream. This takes about 2 hours. Use spatula to distribute ice cream over brownie mix. FREEZE overnight.

Optional- brownie crumbles should be added right before eating so that they do not soften and squish in the freezer. Prepackaged cookies, smashes to smithereens, is a very fun activity! I love adding whipped cream to mine (Soy Delicious has a lovely frozen option), but Josh is a whip-free guy.

Optional adornments: fresh cut sage, rosemary, and eucalyptus sprigs from our garden (recycle tip- use old salsa and sauce glass jars for vases to decorate your hOMe) sacred stones, malachite!


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Corder Nursery Catalogue – Desert Agave #MuseMonday

Josh and I have been collecting plants over the past 7 years and dream of owning our own (giant) nursery when we grow old. In the meantime, we are archiving what we have, growing cuts, and continuing our collective of foliage. We have a ton of fun playing in the dirt and creating arrangements, and wanted to share our museum.

Plants are certainly our muse. We eat them, cook them, plant, toil and soil them; we love plants and are avid collectors!

Today’s feature is AGAVE DESERTI!

Own/In-Stock: 1

We found this lovely pup out on our ‘property’ out in Ocotillo Wells, and she is happily repotted!

This plant is native to desert regions in Southern California, Arizona and Baja California. Used as food for the Cahuilla people. Great for hummingbirds and butterflies. Aren’t we lucky? 🙂 We are so excited to watch and track it grow. This is the only agave deserti that we currently own.