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S1E12: Meet Jake!

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Welcome to week 12! Adrianna finally admits that she invites all of our crazy asses over so she has someone to commandeer large furniture with. We are onto you, Age! We kick off this episode with an alley find headboard and some Kelli-pronounced knee-yo-key. Thank you Adrianna for cooking up some gnocchi for us for this evening podcast 🙂

Follow Jake’s photopgraphy instagram @dels_obispo , as well as his selected small business, his muse, his friend, and tattoo artist, Madison!

-Here comes Randy!

-711 coffee is worth our time
-Jake is a menthol minty man
-the queen of unpopular opinion  hates ice cubes in her bong
-Jake has garlic tattooed on his forearm and we didn’t think we could love him any more!
-there’s no dust under water! 

Our creature comfort today is Island Co. Island minis in Wedding Cake! We also had 2 hand-rolled AK-47 hybrids from TrueMeds Delivery. Read more about all of our mentionables at our bloggy poo-!

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S1E11- Not Today, Satan

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Kelli brings a ton of excitement to the episode because 11 is her very favorite number! Kicking off the podcast with memories, sparks and snacks, Adrianna and Kelli take a few trips down memory lane. With undertones of S1E7: Ya Big Creep, take a peek into a day in the life.

We always promote a small business each episode, and for this feature we are so jazzed to talk about Wicky Woman Candles! Not only did Adrianna purchase a seasonal candle from WWC, but she can also refill it at any time, taking this sustainable and eco-friendly company a hella must 🙂

Instagram: @wickywomancandles

Happy Birthday to Adrianna’s ma, QUEEN Zizzo! May you feel festive as fuck.

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Interested in being a special guest on our show? We’ll spoil you rotten! Reach out to us on @karmasdpodcast Instagram for more information. We love talking small business, and the only request we ask of our guests is to be CANNABIS positive! Does this mean you need to smoke for 82 minutes while we record? Certainly not, but we HIGHLY suggest it 🙂 You can advocate for the normalization of cannabis simply by loving and listening to us. Our goal is to make cannabis as normal as a glass of wine; instead of standing in our way, help us open the door! We respect your choices, and as our guest you’ll certainly respect ours. We love you!! · Karma San Diego Podcast · podcasting · San Diego · San Diego eat & drink · spotify · Thrifting · Upcycle

S1E9: Dead or AliveEeEe

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On this week’s episode, Adrianna and Kelli had a blast discussing some of their favorite memories:

What is your favorite item that you have found thrifting/secondhand shopping? (hint, we fucking love chairs)

What is your favorite thrifting childhood memory? (Yes, Adrianna was trying on shoes in Goodwill and someone walked away with her own zapatos! And did not want to give them back to her)

You know you had a good time in Goodwill when you leave barefoot and confused 🙂

Next question! Your BFF arrives to San Diego and begs you to take them to the best thrift store. Cough it up – which ones are the best in this huge city?

What is fast fashion?

Buckle up, buttercup! Bon Jovi’s gonna call us any minute. Tune in now, and here more about this week’s favorite small business, NRM Handmade! Shop her Etsy MEOW. Image below taken from her Etsy shop- this is the big baby pin! Adrianna rocks her keys on this gorgeous handmade art piece; hers has one of a kind turquoise BUT NRM Handmade’s site has a few left- YOU REALLY need to add this gorgeous artist to your holiday shopping list.

Find on instagram @NRMHandmade

This episode’s Creature Comforts- Adrianna provided us with CINNAMON COOKIE hand-rolled joints! This company is called Pearl Farma, and they are a family owned cannabusiness that we are thrilled to get to know! Find them on Instagram, @Pearl_Pharma

And please feel free to contact us with any questions! We love hearing from you. Our email is

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S1E8: Meet Intern Madi!

Every fourth episode, we feature a very special guest. Meet Madi, our great friend and roommate who celebrates life as a cannabis advocate, animal lover, and tattooed vixen. We love talking with Madi; her laugh is contagious, she keeps it real, and her stories leave us loving NorCal more than we ever thought we could #annoyingsandiegans. Cheers to our favorite queer witch, we love you McMadi!
Description: You know when you look in your mom’s cupboard and find your french maid garter belt from Freshman year of community college? No? Well, good thing you have this episode to help you transport to Italian Narnia. Sit back, grab your creature comforts, and meet our dearest friend Madi while we ask her some of our favorite questions:
How did we meet?
If you were a bird, what bird would you be?
What is your favorite tattoo?
We talk so much, we split this episode in two!

Part 2: Worst dates, validation from best friends, and the incessant need for caffiene surround our conversation. We sit back and relax with King Palms stuffed with Blue Cookies as we dabble over life’s greatest questions: 
What was your first job?
How do you take your coffee n’ cannabis?
What is your favorite small business? Where Madi has her eyebrows microbladed, of course! Her best friend Kaila, located in Sacramento, CA, we are so excited to chat about:IG: graceaestheticpsc

Shout out Miss Murray, she was the shit!
Keywords: italian, san diego, slim jim, marijuana, confessional, lifestyle, cannabis, 420 friendly, local, local business, support women, women owned business, small business saturday\

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S1E7 – Are You Kitten Me?

On today’s amazing episode, we talk about our very favorite things- OUR PETS!

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What were Kelli and Adrianna up to with a skateboard and a coconut? You might never know. K n’ A love commandeering furniture, especially free alleyway finds. With a little grit and a sector 9 longboard, we made sure that armoire made it home with us! Check out Adrianna’s transformation of this amazing piece of furniture.

As always, we feature a small business each week at @karmasdpodcast and this week, we discuss the San Diego Humane Society! We love our city, and many animals need our help during this fire season.

Have you taken a listen yet? Kelli quotes a president (she’s not sure which one) and talks about her two dogs at home, Dahlia and Pinecone. Adrianna explains her love affair with her cat, Rue, and how she be ‘lickin’ her eyelids’ in the middle of the night- Think we are kidding?! It’s quite frankly banay-nas.

Have you been duped by a micro pig? Enjoy System of a Down as your guilty pleasure? Or better yet, taken a trip to Palm Spricka Spricka Springs! Join us for a good time this week 🙂

Creature Comforts- Blue Cookies (hybrid) and Strawberry Cough (indica dominant) hand rolled joints, ya heard?

Small Business mentionables:

San Diego Humane Society

And our favorite Mexican Mocha Coldbrew on TAP can be found at RYAN BROS in Barrio Logan! Here’s one of our favorite mugs that they carry- picture taken from their website. WE LOVE YOU, Ryan Bros! · Karma San Diego Podcast · podcasting · San Diego · San Diego eat & drink · spotify

S1E6 – Thank You, Bullies

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*cough cough* pyramid schemes! Adrianna kicks off the podcast with the truth, and we love her for it.

Join us this week for a K n’ A style episode, where we sit back with our creature comforts and shoot the shit. Have you ever been a victim of pyramid scheme? Get your discount code the hell away from us!

Adrianna talks about her experience as an ambitious creative, stifled by the expectations of a college-preparatory high school and the social stigma that surrounds it. Kelli revisits the public shaming she experienced from Myspace days, where virtual worlds have literal consequences (hint hint, it’s not okay to gaslight women on the internet)

Sit back, Critical Jack, and consider visiting our featured business for the best POKE in all of San Diego! Adrianna POKES us with the challenge to try out ‘It’s Raw Poke’ in Ocean Beach!

**Photo taken from their website; we love IRP!**

Creature comforts: a sativa-dominant critical jack from our favorite medical marijuana dispensary that delivers, True Meds 🙂


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S1E5 – Ya Big Creep

Join us as we discuss alleyway finds, credible tattoo artists, and ask the question, ‘can you reverse a creep?’ Warning, *explicit* 🙂

Spotify – S1E5 – Ya Big Creep

Free stream on Fireside

Another week in the books! Adrianna and Kelli talk about experiences with creepers, tattoos, and a few nooks and crannies in SD. We are so excited to talk about two of our favorite tattoo artists here in San Diego, and what sets them apart from the rest. Matching tattoos, parking lot safety, and tons of snacks, we schmooze and story swap. All hail the giggle jiggle that comes with getting tattooed!

For links to our podcast references, visit our Instagram too! @karmasdpodcast


Book: Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

Tattoo artist: Matt Heinz @mattheinztattoo

Tattoo artist: D @thegood.d.tattoos

‘Brass Knuckle’ keychain for parking lot safety HERE

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

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S1E4: Meet Kendra!

S1E4: Meet Kendra! Fireside link, Spotify Link

HIGHLIGHT from our episode with Kendra- 2:38

Every fourth episode, we have a very special guest! Meet Kendra, our first podcast interviewee. Kendra is a longtime friend, sister and bread wizard at Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach. Meet our favorite Jane of all Trades!!

Meet Kendra! In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite Pot Pie eateries in San Diego, kissing parents on the lips, and cafe life. Kendra is incredibly involved in the Mission Beach community, all things cats, and supports the normalization of cannabis. She’s pure magic, and we think you’ll love her BLUNT HISTORY: how puffins came to be. In addition to the breeding of toucans, we also learn a bit about the meaning of Karma as we get ready to dive deeper in our community work. Takeaways? Grab a creature comfort, support Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach- shoot us a lovebeam @karmasdpodcast or shoot us an email:

Small Businesses Mentioned-

Olive Baking Company in Mission Beach – for bread, lattes, supporting Women Owned Businesses aaaand! They sell Not Your Nonna’s Sauces!

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop – Kelli’s favorite childhood memory

Pot Pie – Adrianna’s favorite crust

Calybourne Co Power pack- our creature comfort for the day 🙂

Find our friend Gerri’s floral arrangement company (flower crowns reference) on Instagram @thelacedmuse

And obviously the classic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins!

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S1E3 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

S1E3 – The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Customer Service makes the world go ’round, so why not cut us some slack? K n’ A process the history of restaurant culture, experiences working retail, server woes and, well, manicotti.

Adrianna and Kelli make a pressing argument as to why all humans of this earth should work in customer service for a well-rounded experience in life. Dark humor and plumes of smoke help us process the best and worst working experiences we had when we were younger, alongside our classic commentary. Become introduced with BLUNT HISTORY, a bit we integrate when we storykeller our way through facts. Hint: it’s worse than drunk history, but we’re working on it.

Small businesses mentioned: US! 🙂

Not Your Nonna’s – Sauce Company – you can now shop online! Place your order today for some pesto, marinara, and Adrianna’s upcoming SEASONAL sauce, limited quantities and one-time only! Shop NYN t-shirts:

Yoga Teacher- Kelli Corder is a local San Diego yoga teacher that would love to bring more accessible yoga to your community. Large public events, mic-savvy, playlist queen and sequencing magician, Kelli loves all things yoga and serves classes to private families, corporate offices, apartment complexes, high schools and studios. You can click here to read more about the services Kelli offers.

Kelli Corder YouTube Channel

Kelli works on a sliding scale for class pricing; if you or your school cannot afford yoga classes, yoga mats, or props, please reach out. I have a deep love and network of yoga teachers that will always work together to make sure your community has access.

This episode’s creature comfort- Pure Beauty

We love feedback! You can find more information about our podcast by visiting our website or email,, @karmasdpodcast · Karma San Diego Podcast · podcasting · San Diego · spotify


Ya’ll have been loving our newly launched podcast, and we have been loving you loving our newly launched podcast!! Thank you, everyone, for the magnificent feedback on our first 3 episodes of Karma San Diego.

S1E2:FADBODS brings you the coined term FADBODS, where we discuss the harms and disservice that FADBODS have on our society. These confines founded in toxic masculinity and societal sexpectations have got-to-go honey! Click here to listen on Spotify.

Adrianna and Kelli discuss their experiences with body commentary from men, and how the false narrative of ‘what it means to be sexy’ is a humanitarian, political, racial and economical issue in our culture that negatively affects everyone. 

Listening back to the episode, I have further commentary on race and our conversation: when white hetero men associate voluptuous body types with race, Kelli identifies by saying ‘that’s racist’. It must be noted that Adrianna and Kelli cannot experience racism because WE ARE WHITE WOMEN, and my comment was meant to identify the racist perspective deeply intertwined with sexual harassment and ‘societal pressures’. I apologize for not further explaining my comment and believe it needed further exploration. My identification of racism must seen in conjunction of FADBODS, and the harms of all things ‘exotic’. Let’s be clear, telling a white woman that she cannot be curvy because she is white is a harmful racist perspective that affects non-white people and their bodies, not Adrianna. It is, however, body shaming to all parties involved and harmful anti-feminist language that denies Adrianna’s existence as a sexy beast. So really, it’s sexist aaaand racist, and a great example of how entangled the two are with one another. My comment felt insensitive, so I’m calling myself out. Thanks for reading and we have an open invitation for feedback and conversation!! That’s really what our podcast is all about!

You can find more information about our podcast by visiting our website or email,, @karmasdpodcast

Further reading when educating yourself on the many facets of FADBOD:

Four Reasons why Calling a Woman Exotic is Racist

Black Women Aren’t Your Fetish Fantasy

Skinny Shaming is as Harmful as Fat Shaming because it’s SHAMING

Well-Intended Skinny Shaming that’s Still Not Okay

Fat Shaming in the name of ‘Health’ Increases Health Risks

Don’t write a check your toosh can’t cashhhhhh- RocketPOWER!

Episode mentionables:

Featured artist/business: Our producer, Justin!

Meet our producer, Justin @mixedbytruelove ! As longtime fans of Justin’s music, talent, and enginear 👂 mindset, we knew we were in good hands when Justin set us up to record! Justin has his own recording studio, vision, and ambition, making him the greatest and easiest person to work with. K n’ A can be a lot to handle crammed in one room, but Justin makes everything mellow and eased us into lil baby podcasters. We love Justin, thank you for everything you do for us!

Justin is our featured artist and small business for S1E2, FADBODS 😎 give him a follow, support his local San Diego artists, and give him a call (and a blunt) you need someone who’s head is in the GAME!

Instagram: @mixedbytruelove

Article- Megan Fox on Misogynist Experiences as an Actor – finding articles on Megan Fox has me HEATED. You can tell men write a lot of articles about her; let me do her one better. *cough cough* Looper, have women write your articles on women. Or at least have a woman proofread them…yikes.

Megan Fox called out her male directors, demanded respect and attention, and told her director his actions were paralleled to ‘Hitler’. She let everyone know who was a creep, who sexualized her, and who wanted to control her body by dictating her tattoos and plastic surgery. This should be a red flag on the character of everyone BUT Megan. Sadly, of course, in a man’s Comic Transformer world, she was ridiculed for going against the grain.

Instead of anyone listening to her, she was pegged as ‘dumb as a rock’, hard to work with and ‘in her own world’. That’s true, she is in her own world, where women demand respect and where addressing an issue is considered antagonizing and elevating an issue. We know, we know, WILD TIMES.

We love you Megan Fox, we would hire the shit out of you. She was shamed from Hollywood, ridiculed for getting older, and crippled with IRONY. If you love how ‘hot’ Megan Fox is, but as soon as she speaks, she is ‘dumb as a rock’ and ‘washed-up’, then you have mental health issues. It’s called narcissism, misogyny, and manipulation, honey! It’s got to go. Notice how many people will say that movies tanked and were not successful because of Megan. No accountability for the director, or the producer, or the person who hired her ass. Aren’t you getting tired of women getting blamed for everything? *coughcough EVE*

I’ll exit here 🙂 -Kelli