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Did you catch PART 2 of Episode 6?

Greeting, ya lil poods! Welcome to PART 2 of an episode favorite: FOODGASM! Haven’t listened to Part 1 yet?

Catch PART 1 first!

Ya ever had a sandwich before?! Well, good thing there’s two halves. We love SHOW NOTES! Thanks for joining us for another week of cannasister shenanigans. We love talking about food so much, we had to split this episode in two! Catch the first part of this episode, Foodgasm Part 1, released last week. You might remember last week’s fave small business, Coops West Texas BBQ right here in San Diego. Nom nom. This week’s small business is so good, we have an entire feature episode. Check out Part 2’s feature on our local favorite, @_pickleandbrine!  

 If you had to escape to as desert island and only take 5 foods with you, what would they be? Adrianna takes it away with her 64 uses of olive oil, while Kelli can live off a ginger root; *tight*! If you love nostalgic childhood foods, Beef Stroganoff Hamburger helper, or casseroley goulash, then you’ll love the slop we slap on your plate. 

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Quarantine Crafting Queen Activities – #ThankfulThursday

Well aren’t I a quarantine crafting queen! What have you been doing to keep busy? I know many have their hands full with working at home and having littles, so I am appreciating the luxury of being able to knit and already having so many extra supplies so that I do not have to spend any money. All situations are different and all are suffering, so I am doing my part and trying to stay sane in the meantime. Aren’t we all?

Some of my favorite crafts that have been keeping us busy:

1. Knitting beanies and plant sleeves with a KNITTING LOOM

2. Finally putting all those puzzles together that have been stacking up in our game cabinet

3. Bake a recipe that requires more than one step- I made cinnamon streusel!

4. Rearrange the entire house to remove stifled and stagnant energy. Bonus points if you are able to bring some of your outdoor plants into the house!

5. Notice things that you haven’t before, like your book titles that are put in upside down in the shelf. Ha- it took being upside down in yoga practice for me to notice this!

6. Check on our free little library! Using safe social distancing and sanitization practices, we have loved being able to walk outside, get some fresh air, and see how many people have been reading a little bit more than they are used to! The collective is appreciative of these libraries as resources because all city libraries are closed

7. Love on your fur babies- letting our dog stay in our bed a little bit more than he usually is allowed. I think he is getting fat!

8. Making and watching YouTube videos- my favorite past time, as I have a few months of catching up to do with Jenna Marbles.

Happy reading and viewing friends! Stop drop and stretch right now!

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Beyond Korean BBQ Bowl – A Vegan and Gluten Free #ThankfulThursday

A picture of my lap, as I wear all of my husband’s clothes. Feels like home 🙂
I loved this sauce as much as I loved having these nails!
Our gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback Black Lab Great Dane MIX Mutt, Pinecone
Tastes even better than it looks, and tasted much saltier than takeout, but with considerably less salt! WIN!

Recently, we brought a cooking kit that taught us how to make Korean BBQ tacos! Totally gluten free and vegan, it was one of the best meals that I have had in 2020, hands down. Definitely top 3 best Beyond Beef recipes! Anywho…

For $19.99 full price, sometimes cheaper with a coupon, I cannot afford to cook Korean BBQ for two! I would rather go out to dinner and have someone else cook for me – *coughcough* Plant Power, Sipz….

I decided to make a different variation- I introduce to you: The BEYOND Korean BBQ BOWL! Servings: 4


-black rice

-fresh green onions and garlic for garnish

-black sesame seeds for garnish (I found on amazon in bulk for $6; this will last our party of 2 for about 2 years!)

-Beyond Beef ground beef- 1lb (typically $9.99, I always buy when on sale for $7.99 or less)

-chopped onion, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas

– 1 bottle of SEOUL KALBI SAUCE ($4.99- Whole Foods Market)

So simple! Cook the garlic, onions and beef together until golden brown. Add veggies, stir. Add sauce, stir. Add rice, stir. EAT, stir it up, little darlin’!

Instagram: @kellicorder @cordercollective

Want to practice yoga with me? In person- Hapa Yoga Mission Valley


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Beyond Meat Korean Tacos (GF + Vegan) – #ThankfulThursday


Being grateful for food comes very naturally to us! I found these Korean Tacos hiding the fridge section of my local Target and knew that we had to give them a try. I am so grateful for the endless new opportunities that are rising in the gluten free, dairy free and vegan community!

Prior to Beyond Beef, I was unable to enjoy or savor the flavor of meat for 4+ years! I missed the memory and nostalgia of the foods that I grew up with- beef stroganoff, mastacholie, chili and enchiladas just to name a few of the beefy things that brought me joy when I was a kiddo.
We love Beyond Beef and are looking to expand beyond hamburgers! This box was the perfect find with easy ingredients and step by step directions. We were also able to try a few new ingredients that we have never had before: GOCHUJANG. We were scared that it would be too spicy, so we only added half. My advice? Use the whole packet- it’s really not much heat! It is flavor and savor; we are very intolerant to spicy foods and this stuff is tame.


This made a ton of food! 8 tortillas are provided so we each got 4 tacos. 3 was plenty for me, and Josh ate 5! I believe the full-priced box was $19.99, but my local Target had a $10 off coupon for trying to product.
BEWARE: There are many other local crate boxes to choose from, and most of them have animal products. I almost came home with a delicious chicken dish, and then I realized that it was not Vegan. As always, be diligent when reading labels. This is a new an unprecedented time in our society, where Vegan food is much more accessible. Now, when you want to buy plant-based beef, it is located next to the actual meat. I love this, because it creates accessibility for the meat eaters, but it can be tricky for the vegan. I have to go to 5-6 departments in my local grocery to get my usuals. Vegan cheese is in a different part of the deli, nowhere near the dairy. Soyrizo is next to the bacon, beyond beef is at the meat counter,  and many products need to be frozen (GF Vegan bread, for example).

I would absolutely create this dish again! To save money, I am on the hunt for a Vegan + GF Korean BBQ Sauce to keep on hand and we can make our own tacos. Any suggestions highly appreciated!
Happy eating; we are so grateful for food (especially in true San Diego Style- taco form).