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Quarantine Crafting Queen Activities – #ThankfulThursday

Well aren’t I a quarantine crafting queen! What have you been doing to keep busy? I know many have their hands full with working at home and having littles, so I am appreciating the luxury of being able to knit and already having so many extra supplies so that I do not have to spend any money. All situations are different and all are suffering, so I am doing my part and trying to stay sane in the meantime. Aren’t we all?

Some of my favorite crafts that have been keeping us busy:

1. Knitting beanies and plant sleeves with a KNITTING LOOM

2. Finally putting all those puzzles together that have been stacking up in our game cabinet

3. Bake a recipe that requires more than one step- I made cinnamon streusel!

4. Rearrange the entire house to remove stifled and stagnant energy. Bonus points if you are able to bring some of your outdoor plants into the house!

5. Notice things that you haven’t before, like your book titles that are put in upside down in the shelf. Ha- it took being upside down in yoga practice for me to notice this!

6. Check on our free little library! Using safe social distancing and sanitization practices, we have loved being able to walk outside, get some fresh air, and see how many people have been reading a little bit more than they are used to! The collective is appreciative of these libraries as resources because all city libraries are closed

7. Love on your fur babies- letting our dog stay in our bed a little bit more than he usually is allowed. I think he is getting fat!

8. Making and watching YouTube videos- my favorite past time, as I have a few months of catching up to do with Jenna Marbles.

Happy reading and viewing friends! Stop drop and stretch right now!

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Candy Cane Lattes

Happy new year, everyone 😊 Josh and I spent our peaceful NYE indoors, knitting, Netflixing and potatoing (add it to my verb list). We added 4 new beanies to our etsy site today and are happily shipping off our steady PoshMark orders! While we aren’t big on resolutions, we have made the simple promise to take life day by day. So for today, we are drinking candy cane lattes, watching Archer and crafting a few new items for our shop. Simple life.

Our recycled beanie collection has been our favorite initiative thus far. Josh and I compiled our excess skeins into large baskets, which includes retired items, projects, and yarn donations from family members. We pick three colors at random. It has been challenging us to embrace what ever colors come our way (and forces me to finish what I start!) to our surprise, our recycled collection has been our most successful. We are always happily accepting yarn donations (we don’t descriminate!) and enjoy the challenge of working with materials we wouldn’t have otherwise picked.


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Cranium Toppers

The polls are in: Corder Collective needs more skull caps! While we are infamous for our slouchy vibe, we were excited at the amount of requests we had for a closer fit. Luckily, the Arsenal of yarn that is currently inside the trailer must be knitted! Here is what we came up with during the past few days. All new items are listed on our Etsy!