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S2E4: Meet Josh!

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What’s up, lil poods? Buckle up for a sultry episode; we have a special guest in the house! Korn is our religion, woven memories of wonder have been made, and exoskeletons of joints are scattered amongst us. Join us in meeting a man of plants, contemplation, and California Quails: Josh Corder!
Creature comforts this episode? Redbull is definitely the most shocking in today’s lineup. In addition, we are normalizing cannabis by partaking in not one, not two, but three strains throughout this week’s podcast:  Double Dream, Peanut Butter Souffle, and Mimosa! No wonder we have sweat dripping down to our elbows. 
First things first, we always have Great Housekeeping to attend to! Some people rush home to kick up their feet, some rush home to wash the dishes and wipe down surfaces with too much enthusiasm. I think you all know what kind of gals we are! The California Quail, is indeed, the state bird of California and a huge part of the history, spirituality and lifestyle of the Kumeyaay peoples, mentioned last episode! Our special guest today is also, indeed, a California Quail. Let us wait no further, please get to know our very special guest, Josh! 
Some takeaways? There are two types of people: those who order weed based off the strain properties, and those who order off the jazzy name alone. Josh researches the weed before smoking it, and we actually learn things about our creature comforts today. Verses when Adrianna and Kelli talk about weed, we usually get as far as, ‘ooh this sounds pretty’. We love a Josh! His history with growing sacred plants, food, and hydroponics will leave ya drooling. If you need a landscaper with an eye for using SD native plants and flowers, connect with Josh through his instagram: @bodhi_sligh 
We are honestly shocked that we used both the phrase ‘spookie dookie’ and the phrase  ‘nookie cookie’ in this episode over 30 minutes apart from one another. Sounds cosmic to us! We hope you leave inspired with some of Josh’s cannabis bowl art, striving to achieve the perfect yin and yang symbol in your glass piece. 
We have a word of the day! VOMCOM, as defined by Josh, is almost self-explanatory. Tune in to listen to the proper catigorization of Romantic Comedies, the kind of bird Josh would be, and further detail on his favorite local business! 
Josh introduces us to – Lost Cause Meadery, a mead brewery local here to San Diego that he has been a fan and patron of for many years. Learn more about sacred honey wine, and this small business, by streaming our episode on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts! 
Hoot hoot! Thanks for joining us Josh, it was a pleasure having you. As always, reach out if you have any feedback, lovebeams, or requests to be one of our special guests! We love ya- IG:@karmasdpodcast

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S2E3: Mission Suspicion – Uncovering the Histories of Kumeyaay Land

Have you listened to last week’s episode?

Grab your backpacks, because we are taking you to school! What’s a flume? What’s a Trumper Tantrum? Let’s putz no longer; greetings, ya lil poods! We are so excited to call you Lil Poods from here-on-out. Maybe it’s because we are scared and anxious poodles, maybe it’s because we are professional poodcasters…it’s tough to say. You have been named, and you can sigh a sweet relief that we will not call you Lil San Deezies as often as before. Ya Welcome…
We kick off each week with our local business/artist first, because we are adamant about supporting local. Not sponsored, just the real deal. Spoiler alert: these artists don’t know we are selecting them until our launch date!!!

Adrianna introduces us to an amazing artist for this week’s Business Feature: Carlos aka Primo Dirty! Carlos is a singer, songwriter, rapper, philanthropist and San Diego Native that leaves a beautiful fingerprint on this place we call home. We love our community philanthropists! Carlos is very active in our community with consistent outreach, activism, and events in support of Black Lives Matter. Vida Negra Importa! His curated events keep the collective alive and conscious with thought-provoking art and emphasis on anti-racism work. What a dream! Wait til you hear his music…

Saturday January 16th, join Carlos for Vida Negra Importa Music Protest for the people. Support your local black and brown artists in the heart of San Diego. In addition, Carlos will putting on a future (2021) community events that includes awareness of the Kumeyaay land and peoples, the very emphasis of our episode. It will include music, artists, local vendors, and a clothing/food/supply drive for those in need. Beautiful, we’ll be there. 

For more information on Hopes for Homeless, visit

Find Carlos a few different ways: 

Instagram: @dirty_619

Primo Dirty on Spotify

We love you, Carlos!This week is a heavy one! Adrianna and Kelli are born and raised San Diegans with nary a glimpse into the history of the place we call home. In support of #kumeyaayNation, A & K look into the real and gruesome roots of San Diego. We aren’t happy! Our Catholic upbringing glorified the monuments that celebrated the genocide of indigenous, Native peoples, and it isn’t sitting well. Unearth with us, as we give a blunt history on something our direct, white community needs to know about. 
Some of the websites we referred to during our
Listen up, SD whiteys. Adrianna and Kelli come from Catholic schooling, so we have a few experiences that offer context to the colonization of SD:-our 4th grade ‘Mission Project’ glorifying the invasion of Mexico, Kumeyaay Land, and California-the glorification of Juan Diego, Cabrillo, and fellow colonizers of this territory-education with the impression that our relationship with the Native peoples was peaceful (using words like ‘Resolutions’ and ‘Peace Treaty’ does not negate genocide)
Creature comforts this episode? Thanks for normalizing cannabis with us! Adrianna rolls us up some Eagle Scout! Thanks, merm. In addition, we love rice cakes, cucumbers, Baba Roasted Garlic Hummus, and some Blueberry Lemonade Bubbly. Yaaaas.
We love you, lil poods! Join us on IG, we’d love to hear from you @karmsdpodcast

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S1E22 – Lil San Deezies

Can you believe we are wrapping up our first season? We are so proud and excited to reflect on our first year of podcasting, local summer nights, and this friggin pandemic. We’ve been aged in the barrels for a few years, so listen up lil San Deezies!

This week’s creature comforts are classic combos of coffee and cannabis, yum. Kelli ordered True Meds delivery of Summer Nights, a hyphy sativa blend that is perfect for December. If you are from a coastal town, then you know that the true locals summer is in, well, the winter! San Diego has been showing off glorious weather and we are loving the locals only vibes. Goodbye crowds, we never missed you.

Adrianna listens intently to Kelli’s story of being 30, seasoned, and wine boosh. White girl wasted and frivolously spending too much money on a Cab Sav, hear about a magical trip to the mountains! It’ll energize you like CAH-CAINE, err, Cacao does on a bright sunny Saturday.

This week’s small business is close to our heart, as Kelli has been eating from Sipz Vegetarian Restaurant for years! We love @sipzcafe and I seriously order garlic fries, a Thai iced tea and summer rolls every week. EVERY WEEK. 

Would you buy a coffee table book of Poshmark Idiots? Well look out and watch your Amazon carts, because we really have something good here. Thanks for an amazing season everyone, and get ready for a really exciting SEASON 2 with some fantastic new features, guests, and *cough cough* weeeeeeeeeee-d! 

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Peek into your Camera Roll – #MuseMonday Photo Dump

Spider’s Altar
Look how much this plant has grown babe!
lovely shadows, I miss this catcher and remember it was really heavy
Sunsets down at garbage
That sourgrass meditation I wrote a million moons ago, nom nom nom
I miss that hanging succulent, I think we killed it
Yew! I love how the beads matched the sticks of fire
Shagadilla I want chickens babe

Welcome to this week’s Phone Dump, where I snag a few photos from my camera roll and explain to an OMie what I see. A great writing prompt for myself, a great way to share window into my soul, this week I give you a slideshow of photos that I am describing to my husband, Jawwwsh. Off I go, happy viewing 🙂

Need to chill out with a guided meditation script?

Need some chair yoga?

Looking to create a Gratitude Station in your house?

Want to start the 52HikeChallenge?

Need some reading suggestions?

Want to support us and our collective, and need non-financial money-based ideas on how to do so?

We love and appreciate you all so much! Enjoy our musings and archive.

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Frothy Repurposed Chair- Cha Cha Cha Chia! #Upcycle

Thank you Hanarahans for the plant and pot!
Thank you bestie for stopping in the middle of our hike to swoop some free patio furniture

Greetings wildlings! I hope this time in isolation and quarantine is keeping you well, if you are reading this in real-time!

There are few things that I love more than repurposed, FREE, quirky items that find their way to me. An avid American picker, I will absolutely slam on my breaks for a pile of free opportunity!

My best friend and I were hiking in San Diego, doing our usual thing! Some hikes rural, some residential, this hike through Rose Canyon took us through some neighborhood streets. Lo and behold, a free outdoor iron table and chairs! A little rusted and dated, I had to have them. And so, we quickly hiked back to my car, a Camry at the time!, and after a few puzzle piece maneuvers, we fit the furniture in the trunk.

This plant never saw it coming! On a whim, Josh and I were wondering what pots we had that would fit inside of this sturdy iron chair frame. This plant was gifted to us by dear friends that moved to CANADA and could not take them along! We inherited a ton of amazing plants from the Hanrahans, thank you friends! This frothy chair is the greatest thing I have seen in my yard.

When two whatever items turn into magnificent greatness! I love when that happens! Thankful Thursday, my friends.

Speaking of chairs 🙂 If you need any chair yoga, I have your back!

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Meet our Golden Toothed ALOE – Corder Nursery Catalogue addition for #TeacherTuesday

cutie patoot!
look at her go! Would you like to see update pics?

Welcome to this week’s Teacher Tuesdays! During this week of quarantine and solitude, we have been enjoying our time playing in the dirt and taking inventory of the plants that we have. Some of our plants are doing amazing during this Spring Equinox! One of our thriving plants this March 2020 is ALOE. We have many different types of Aloe- see our galleries for more pictures!

I am excited to watch this pup grow. She is the biggest of the bunch we have.

Current inventory: 4 Golden Tooth Aloe (with pups)

Aloe nobilis (Golden Toothed Aloe) – An evergreen rosette-forming succulent that suckers profusely, creating a large grouping to 18 inches tall of fleshy green leaves that have a tint of rose color on the tips and yellow to white, sharp but flexible teeth running along the edges with a few in spots on the inside of the leaves.


Play with dirt and use safe practices! A few hours of organizing soil has uplifted our mood so much. What a great way to curb our anxiety and be creative with the plants that we already have.

cacti · Corder Nursery Catalogue · Teacher Tuesday

Wise Words from a Rainbow Hedgehog- Corder Nursery Catalogue

On this week’s teacher Tuesdays…meet this cutie! Plants are our greatest teachers! Tapping into nature taps us into our intuition. Boy, we have a lot of cacti to feature, so I thought I would start with my favorite of them all, the gorgeously pink Echinocereus rigidissmus.
However, I much prefer the adorable name:
Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

I found most of my information the old school way – google image browsing ‘pink cactus’. I finally found her!
Plants have such wisdom, and spending time turning soil and weeding the nursery brings peace and resolution to any internal chatter. We see plants as our greatest teachers and are loving the growth rings on our pink rigidissmus. We have had this cactus for over a year, and I am excited to see her flower.

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In-House Plant Nursery Updates – #ThankfulThursdays

Enjoy a little archive of the projects that we have been working on in our back yard! We love watching our little plants grow, taking cuts, giving, receiving, and replanting our plant babies.  Here is a little update on some of the things we have been working on.


This cute janky table was a free find! Josh found it in Little Italy and sure know how to cover a table QUICKLY. This awesome, vintage, light and portable table reminds me of many tables from our childhood that our parents still use!

We have so many baskets of cuts! We covered two outdoor tables with every single cut we had left and took inventory. We kept planting until we ran out of DIRT! We are always actively looking for pots, soil, and what we call ‘HOSPITAL PLANTS’- plants that need serious TLC that we would love to rehab and nurse back to life.
We have too much JADE! If you need any jade cuts, please come over and we’ll hack a few limbs off for ya.

Every time I see a plant that was gifted to me by someone else, I think of them! I walk past each plant, “Thanks Lacee, thanks Jamaica, thanks Lydia, thanks brother….”
We love to give and receive the gift of plants!

When I was in my Reiki I training, we did a lot of practice with plants. Watering the plants, observing the plants, and holding hands over the plants are a few of the ways we tapped into the magic of healing. Ever since this exercise, I have felt more aligned with the moving meditation that planting brings. I feel excited, creative, and like I am constantly running out of pots. Ha!

Featured: ALOE

Featured: EUPHORBIA (Called MEDUSA’s HEAD- we are excited to feature this plant soon in detail! She needs a re-pot. We were gifted this gorgeous plant two years ago from my grandmother for Christmas! Thanks ALICE 🙂

Corder Nursery Catalogue · Echinacea · Healing Modalities · Thankful Thursday

Echinacea- The Herbal Diplomat- #ThankfulThursdays

img_7758Look at this cutie! Over the weekend, Josh harvested a few seedy pods from our thriving and rescued Echinacea plant. This is the center of the flower, looking like a hedgehog dragon fruit ball of wonder. They have been sitting in a wooden bowl on our altar, marinating and drying out for future use. Josh has been really curious about the medicial properities of the plant, so I dug out a few of our reading materials to revisit the sacred knowledge of this plant. Lo and behold, the first book he selected, the first page he opened to, was about the Echinacea sitting right next to us! We’re ready to learn.

Commonly known as a CONE FLOWER (our pupper’s name is Pinecone, so we are all ears!) Here’s a little excerpt of what we learned about Echinacea from Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide (if you want to read more about our favorite aromatherapy texts, click here):

This is one of the most popular herbs of all time, and for good reason! Amazing for our immune system fighting off disease and infection, this friend is one of the most effective herbs in Western medicine.

Lovely and easy to grow, this hearty plant is drought tolerant and will adapt to survive accordingly. Overwatered? No problem! She will likely live. You can use all parts of the plant- root, seed, flower and leaf. Apparently, some people have an allergic reaction to echinacea- this contraindication essentially asks you to  discontinue use if you are itchy, and you will know right away! I’m an allergy kid myself, so this is worth noting.

Incredibly effective and with no known side effects, this tenacious plant is often used as a throat spray for sore throats. This is where I personally have heard of the plant!

Botanical E. purpurea/E. angustifolia (E. shorthand for botanical names)

“Avoid wild-harvested echinacea unless you know and trust your source to be a responsible and ethical stewardess of wild population. Because of the huge demand over the past 40 years, corresponding to growing concerns of immune issues worldwide, echinacea is being poached unmercifully from its wild habitats. Several species are already at risk and endangered.” (p. 129-131) Do your hOMework!

Here at Corder Collective, we currently own 2 mixed Echinacea pots, filled with a few different species! There are 10 total species, according to Wikipedia. We are excited to collect more and use this tool if we ever have a sore throat 😉 and will be sure to report back.

Pretty flowers and NAMASTE



Agave · Corder Nursery Catalogue · Muse Monday

Corder Nursery Catalogue – Desert Agave #MuseMonday

Josh and I have been collecting plants over the past 7 years and dream of owning our own (giant) nursery when we grow old. In the meantime, we are archiving what we have, growing cuts, and continuing our collective of foliage. We have a ton of fun playing in the dirt and creating arrangements, and wanted to share our museum.

Plants are certainly our muse. We eat them, cook them, plant, toil and soil them; we love plants and are avid collectors!

Today’s feature is AGAVE DESERTI!

Own/In-Stock: 1

We found this lovely pup out on our ‘property’ out in Ocotillo Wells, and she is happily repotted!

This plant is native to desert regions in Southern California, Arizona and Baja California. Used as food for the Cahuilla people. Great for hummingbirds and butterflies. Aren’t we lucky? 🙂 We are so excited to watch and track it grow. This is the only agave deserti that we currently own.