S2E6: Foodgasm Part 1

Wassap lil San Deezies? We are here with one of our favorite episodes to date, talking all things food! This week, we talk about our favorite San Diego restaurants, the dishes that we grew up on as kids, and, well, those 5 foods you’d take with you on a deserted island. Orange you glad you diddn’t say bananas? Give us some lovin’: IG: @karmasdpodcast.
We love our Italian word of the day! Tune in for our Sicilian slang for your frowning face. We dive deeper into the Blunt History of Beef Stroganoff, a Russian dish, as well as the suspish details of this beefy situation. We grew up on the Beef Stroganoff that came in a box (hello hamburger helper!!!) but, this dish can be served with bread-buns, rice, or noodles! Check out Pomegranate in San Diego, an amazing Russian restaurant that Adrianna cannot get enough of!
Our small business of the week is Coop’s West Texas BBQ in Lemon Grove! Adrianna tells delicious tales of the best cornbread she has ever had, tender ribs, homemade sauce, and the dankest potato salad you have ever been served. We absolutely love American BBQ, and Coop’s delivers. It is so fantastic that we are comfortable saying the word ‘moist’ to describe their cornbread! We are literally running there, check out their menu here: 
Coops West Texas BBQ | Smoked barbecue and southern-style food in Lemon Grove, CA (coopsbbq.com)

Pork Chops and Applesauce- name that iconic phrase! Kelli grew up on this dish, and Adrianna has no idea what the hell I am talking about. Tune in for a homemade recipe of some childhood dishes, including Kelli’s family recipe- White Trash Goulash. Pray to St. Beshemel, because we have a lot of history to cover!
We can’t believe Age has never had a PB&J! Sponsor us for one, and we’ll show you the world. Today’s creature comforts include a hefty portion of Mimosa, as well as a House OG outdoor grow provied by TruMeds Deliver Service. We love our delivery driver, Valentino! Smoke a joint our four, we love our air as thick as a roux. Love ya!
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