S2E1- Normalizing Cannabis

did you catch our last episode of Season 1?

Greetings, New Year Earthlings! We are so excited to launch our second season of Karma San Diego Podcast. Wow, we are serious about housekeeping, because we kick off the episode with all our loose odds and ends. Thank you to @mysticmarls, the winner of our Holiday Giveaway! Marlene entered our giveaway and helped promote our lil’ pood, and we are so grateful for your support and friendship. *long sigh wow*

For this episode, we discuss all things Normalizing Cannabis. From social stigma to coexisting, Kelli and Adrianna discuss their history with cannabis and talk about a better and brighter future. As privileged white women, we try our best to educate and stand proudly in our cannabis usage to help normalize, legalize, and bypass the bullshit. It is our duty as cannabis consumers to let all beings of this earth benefit from the plant, and incarceration and miseducation is heavy on our noggins.

Our new tradish! Kicking off the episode with our favorite small business, Kelli talks all about Kristen Pritchard photography, our very favorite landscape and high-vibing photographer in San Diego. Not only has she photographed all of our friends, but she is a phenomena yoga teacher with heavy ties to the earth, land, and spirit. We love a Kristen. Kelli recently ordered a favorite print from her, ‘New Friend’, which shows off a glowing cow that will make anyone with a heart sob. Check out Kristen’s website at kristenpritchardphoto.com as well as her instagram, @kristenpritchardphotography #orangesweatergals

What can we do to help normalize cannabis? We loved what growerschoiceseeds.com had to say. Some of this week’s episode takeaways:-education of cannabis to younger generations, which includes teaching your kids about cannabis pros and cons so that they have a well-rounded outlook on the plant, rather than a biased one filled with stigma.- don’t let your friends and family fall for the media stereotypes! correct em and show off what cannababes are all about.-vote on cannabis regulations and laws, including jailtime for cannabis which has got to go. 

Marijuana Legalization Is a Racial Justice Issue | American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org)

-Smoking on air is one of the many things we do to help and support our cannabis community. Let’s talk creature comforts! I am not kitting when I say that these prerolls are the best weed that we have ever smoked. For Yuletide, Adrianna got Kelli some keef-rolled prerolls from Baby Jeeters, and gah-lee (phonetical GOLLY), these are a white chocolate dream. We follow @passthejeeters for some high-class content- we are seriously in love with their product and they made a phenomenal stocking stuffer! Other than that, just a good old cup of coffee and crunchy ass corn chips will accompany your ear holes. Buckle up Buttercup, 2021 is here! We love you-

Send us any love beams, feedback, and special guest requests to our email! karmasdpodcast@gmail.com
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