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S1E8: Meet Intern Madi!

Every fourth episode, we feature a very special guest. Meet Madi, our great friend and roommate who celebrates life as a cannabis advocate, animal lover, and tattooed vixen. We love talking with Madi; her laugh is contagious, she keeps it real, and her stories leave us loving NorCal more than we ever thought we could #annoyingsandiegans. Cheers to our favorite queer witch, we love you McMadi!
Description: You know when you look in your mom’s cupboard and find your french maid garter belt from Freshman year of community college? No? Well, good thing you have this episode to help you transport to Italian Narnia. Sit back, grab your creature comforts, and meet our dearest friend Madi while we ask her some of our favorite questions:
How did we meet?
If you were a bird, what bird would you be?
What is your favorite tattoo?
We talk so much, we split this episode in two!

Part 2: Worst dates, validation from best friends, and the incessant need for caffiene surround our conversation. We sit back and relax with King Palms stuffed with Blue Cookies as we dabble over life’s greatest questions: 
What was your first job?
How do you take your coffee n’ cannabis?
What is your favorite small business? Where Madi has her eyebrows microbladed, of course! Her best friend Kaila, located in Sacramento, CA, we are so excited to chat about:IG: graceaestheticpsc

Shout out Miss Murray, she was the shit!
Keywords: italian, san diego, slim jim, marijuana, confessional, lifestyle, cannabis, 420 friendly, local, local business, support women, women owned business, small business saturday\

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