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Ya’ll have been loving our newly launched podcast, and we have been loving you loving our newly launched podcast!! Thank you, everyone, for the magnificent feedback on our first 3 episodes of Karma San Diego.

S1E2:FADBODS brings you the coined term FADBODS, where we discuss the harms and disservice that FADBODS have on our society. These confines founded in toxic masculinity and societal sexpectations have got-to-go honey! Click here to listen on Spotify.

Adrianna and Kelli discuss their experiences with body commentary from men, and how the false narrative of ‘what it means to be sexy’ is a humanitarian, political, racial and economical issue in our culture that negatively affects everyone. 

Listening back to the episode, I have further commentary on race and our conversation: when white hetero men associate voluptuous body types with race, Kelli identifies by saying ‘that’s racist’. It must be noted that Adrianna and Kelli cannot experience racism because WE ARE WHITE WOMEN, and my comment was meant to identify the racist perspective deeply intertwined with sexual harassment and ‘societal pressures’. I apologize for not further explaining my comment and believe it needed further exploration. My identification of racism must seen in conjunction of FADBODS, and the harms of all things ‘exotic’. Let’s be clear, telling a white woman that she cannot be curvy because she is white is a harmful racist perspective that affects non-white people and their bodies, not Adrianna. It is, however, body shaming to all parties involved and harmful anti-feminist language that denies Adrianna’s existence as a sexy beast. So really, it’s sexist aaaand racist, and a great example of how entangled the two are with one another. My comment felt insensitive, so I’m calling myself out. Thanks for reading and we have an open invitation for feedback and conversation!! That’s really what our podcast is all about!

You can find more information about our podcast by visiting our website or email,, @karmasdpodcast

Further reading when educating yourself on the many facets of FADBOD:

Four Reasons why Calling a Woman Exotic is Racist

Black Women Aren’t Your Fetish Fantasy

Skinny Shaming is as Harmful as Fat Shaming because it’s SHAMING

Well-Intended Skinny Shaming that’s Still Not Okay

Fat Shaming in the name of ‘Health’ Increases Health Risks

Don’t write a check your toosh can’t cashhhhhh- RocketPOWER!

Episode mentionables:

Featured artist/business: Our producer, Justin!

Meet our producer, Justin @mixedbytruelove ! As longtime fans of Justin’s music, talent, and enginear 👂 mindset, we knew we were in good hands when Justin set us up to record! Justin has his own recording studio, vision, and ambition, making him the greatest and easiest person to work with. K n’ A can be a lot to handle crammed in one room, but Justin makes everything mellow and eased us into lil baby podcasters. We love Justin, thank you for everything you do for us!

Justin is our featured artist and small business for S1E2, FADBODS 😎 give him a follow, support his local San Diego artists, and give him a call (and a blunt) you need someone who’s head is in the GAME!

Instagram: @mixedbytruelove

Article- Megan Fox on Misogynist Experiences as an Actor – finding articles on Megan Fox has me HEATED. You can tell men write a lot of articles about her; let me do her one better. *cough cough* Looper, have women write your articles on women. Or at least have a woman proofread them…yikes.

Megan Fox called out her male directors, demanded respect and attention, and told her director his actions were paralleled to ‘Hitler’. She let everyone know who was a creep, who sexualized her, and who wanted to control her body by dictating her tattoos and plastic surgery. This should be a red flag on the character of everyone BUT Megan. Sadly, of course, in a man’s Comic Transformer world, she was ridiculed for going against the grain.

Instead of anyone listening to her, she was pegged as ‘dumb as a rock’, hard to work with and ‘in her own world’. That’s true, she is in her own world, where women demand respect and where addressing an issue is considered antagonizing and elevating an issue. We know, we know, WILD TIMES.

We love you Megan Fox, we would hire the shit out of you. She was shamed from Hollywood, ridiculed for getting older, and crippled with IRONY. If you love how ‘hot’ Megan Fox is, but as soon as she speaks, she is ‘dumb as a rock’ and ‘washed-up’, then you have mental health issues. It’s called narcissism, misogyny, and manipulation, honey! It’s got to go. Notice how many people will say that movies tanked and were not successful because of Megan. No accountability for the director, or the producer, or the person who hired her ass. Aren’t you getting tired of women getting blamed for everything? *coughcough EVE*

I’ll exit here 🙂 -Kelli

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