Muse Monday · Vegan

Vegan Quesadilla Tacos – Muse Monday

Quarantine quesadilla alert!

My staple diet includes corn tortillas, veggies, and the occasional vegan cheese. Hence, my experimentation with all three! I am a native San Diegan missing all of my usual spots to eat Mexican food. Yes, I can order to go, but I eat out for the environment and ambiance! Always have. I feel like I can cook better than most places I like to eat, but it’s the journey and ‘date night vibes’ that really excites me. Plus, I have food allergy contamination anxiety, so cooking at home is usually my go-to! Day 41 of this pandemic, however, and I am fixin’ for a CA burrito.

Call me quarantined, but I have made quesadillas in lieu of taco shells, indefinitely.


10 lbs heavier

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