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Alaska Reading Vibes and TEOTWAWKI- #WellReadWednesdays

I love reading!

Thank you mum, for my copy of The Great Alone. She knows me so well, and I have found all of my best books from my mama!

For me, there is a direct correlation between reading and sanity. If my mental health is poor, I can guarantee that I haven’t been reading. Or, the book I tried reading was a dud and I am just not SUCKED IN. These days, I have been having a hard time pushing through books that aren’t serving me. Perhaps I am just getting older, not wasting my time, but old-me definitely made myself finish the book, front to back. A half read novel was a horrible waste of time, and I never did so. Until now! Ha. I have half-read about 10 books before THE GREAT ALONE took my breath away. I absolutely loved it, flew through the pages and am adding it to one of my favorite books of all time. Go for it.

The elements that captivated me? The descriptive language for Alaskan landscape, the description of ‘the break-up’ in Spring when all the ice and snow melts, a window into physical abuse, PTSD, alcoholism, and rich 1970’s history. Bonus points for outfit and food descriptions, I live for being a fly on their wall!

Reading powers ACTIVATED! I have been able to read daily ever since, and have picked up some surprising novels to ease my anxieties.

TEOTWAWKI- An acronym for The End of the World as we Know it, was also a really fun read this week. Someone bought this book for Josh many moons ago; I was fiending for a good book and trying to fill the gaping hole in my heart that The Great Alone had created. I was not disappointed!

Very sensical, I started to trust the author when I found out he is an Army Veteran. He is also not using a fear-based pedestal to stand on. The most eerie part of the book? The first page, literally page X in my copy, paints a scene of the exact pandemic that we are in right now. Chills down my spine, I read the first few sentences to Josh and to my mom, totally amazed at his accuracy from a 2009 publication. I created a fun list for us to work with, and it was a fun project to work on as nerd survivalists 🙂 #dreamdate

If you like making lists of lists, and always list your life, then this book will work swimmingly for you. I flew through the pages and am ready to get out of dodge!

Happy reading OMies ❤

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