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Ordering a Plaque- Preventing a Heart Attack #FreeLittleLibrary Fridays


Picture taken a la ME in 2017, San Diego CA!

I love to customize! I love how this plaque added a name, DJ, and that they also added a positive mantra, always keep believing! For this week’s FLL post, I thought I would set a few things straight:

1. It technically is not Free Little Libraries, but rather, LITTLEFREELIBRARY.ORG. Whether it rolls off the tongue better, is due to my dyslexia, or my lack of awareness, I truly have no idea πŸ™‚ But just so you have all the facts, know the difference between FLL > LFL

2. You do not have to register your free little library. That’s right, you can go rogue and stay off the map!

I decided to register my first free little library because I wanted to see what it is all about. For about $42, I was able to register my library, become a member and stewardess for life, and have a plaque mailed to me. I say, this is worth it! πŸ™‚ However, you don’t need a plaque in order to acknowledge your awesomeness. There were a few speedbumps, so enjoy my humor.

Pro tips:

-Ordering a plaque and sponsoring a library makes an excellent gift. My stepdad made me a free little library for my 29th birthday, and my mama ordered me the plaque. It is only of my favorite gifts OF ALL TIME! I hope to gift-give as wonderfully as they gift-gave!

-Learn, read, educate, and then register your library through HERE

-Grant yourself patience. The plaque took less than week to arrive, which was awesome. However, after you install your library, you have to register its location with pictures, information, and GPS coordinates. You cannot enter this information until after you have paid for, and received, your plaque in the mail. So, if you wanted to register your library online and put it on a business card before your library launch party (cough cough), you have to wait until the actual plaque comes into the mail to know the #, and another 2 weeks before it is listed on the website.

-After I registered my library, it was entered incorrectly on the site. I had to enter a new petition to have my library added. This added about 10 business days to my journey, but like I said, I granted myself patience FIRST and was able to handle these tasks with ease πŸ™‚

-You must enter GPS coordinates. When applying, the site will ask for the address OR the GPS coordinates. I obviously opted for the address, as I don’t have the GPS coordinates of my grandmother’s house in my back pocket- ha. However, a few days after submitting my registration with an address (remember, first I paid, then I got the plaque, then I registered it, then they did it wrong, then they needed the GPS coordinates, then I wondered if this was worth all the effort)- The site admin sent me directions on how to…drumroll….

-Type in the house address on google maps and find the GPS coordinates, and reply to the site admin’s email with the result of my research. You couldn’t do that on your own, BOO?

-I digress. I think my library is now live on the site. I gave up! There’s always tomorrow, and I’ll link our library at the top of our FLL page (scroll to the top of our homepage)

In summation- I will absolutely do it again, with all the time in the world and the GPS coordinates of my library in my back pocket πŸ™‚ Oh, and a catchy phrase to add to my customization!

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