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Stewardess Refill- #FreeLittleLibraryFridays

On this week’s very special feature, I am pleased to introduce the COMMUNITY MINI LIBRARY  of Clairemont! Located in an extremely public place (on a corner of a busy intersection, near a church, bus stop, and apartment complex), this library is one of the most accessible here in San Diego.

Unregistered, you can tell this cute little punk rocker was made with love by a cOMmunity of like-minded people.I love the apple knob! Are you kidding me? Heart eyes. There were only 2 books in this library when we met one another. I immediately refilled, and inbetween trips to the car, someone came and took the Insurgent series! I was happy to offload so many books and completely restock this library.

Update: 4 days later, library has half of its books remaining. I am honored to serve, community! I just know they are going to the right place. Most of the libraries I visit get little foot traffic and books will stay put inside for months at a time. I don’t take it personally, but my very own gets about 1 hit a week! This library, in comparison, will need weekly filling. I am honored to serve as a secret stewardess. Peep the pineapple in the background, a good omen indeed!

In case you need a little chair yoga and want to flow with me…

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