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That 70’s Yoga – This Week’s #WellReadWednesdays

Welcome to our hOMe! I am an eternal decorator. Pieces of furniture find US, and I am happy to swallow them whole, turn them into pearls and spit out a new environment for us to occupy.


I have many sacred yoga texts that I reference regularly, and Josh properly showcased them in our new cube set up. I wanted to share 🙂Many of the books were required materials for various trainings, but there are a few gems that fell into my path.

The Inner Tradition of Yoga was gifted to me by a dear friend, thanks Jamaica, and I have loved my journey with it so far! I only need  to sip on a few pages, and I have food for thought for the day. I have read a few resonating quotes in asana class and would include this book in my own teacher training, if I had one!

The second book, retro and glorious, was a lovely used bookstore find in Oakland, CA. I was visiting my very best friend, and we have a newfound tradition of ordering lattes, eating chocolate, and shopping at bookstores. That’s a ritual I can easily adapt to! Love you Lydia. I cherish this $6 funky find and have rarely used it as reference. The asanas are advanced, to put it lightly. Cute!

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