Free Little Library Friday · San Diego

The Carpet Matches the Drapes – #FreeLittleLibraryFridays

Last week, when Josh was on the way to the dentist, he discovered a Free Little Library in the midst of being installed!
Speaking my total love language, he then took me to visit it 🙂 Wowowow, I was not disappointed! This lovely, hobbitlike, elfin house totally matches the house behind it. I love the green accents, the slanted roof, and the magic that this library brings! I will absolutely post an update when it is officially open and will be sure to add a book, take a book.

To my lovely OMie neighbors, thanks for letting me paparazzi your yard and enjoy every minute of it! You totally inspire me!
Daydreaming of San Diego Free Little Library tours…
Kelli Corder

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