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Free Little Library Induction Ceremony- #WellReadWednesdays

It has been a dream of mine to own a Free Little Library! Where did it all start….?

In 2016, Josh and I traveled the PNW in our travel trailer and spent a few nights at a very fancy RV/Trailer park near Lassen. Looking back, I believe this was the nicest accommodation that we stayed in during our travels. Normally, we camped primitively with the trailer. This trailer park, however, allowed us to use the AC, toilet, shower, and heater in our own trailer while parked up to hook-ups. I remember sticking my sweaty face up to the air conditioning, while cooking in the cast iron and watching movies with our Wifi thinking, THIS IS THE LIFE. I would happily live in a trailer park! Or own one….
We tended to do a few nights fancy, then a few nights primitive. When we ran out of clean water, solar panel juice, or clean clothes, we plotted our next stop accordingly.
This trailer park had a very cute laundry room that Josh and I spent quite some time in! I was an avid reader on this trip and was fiending for a good book. Inside the laundry room was a FREE LITTLE LIBRARY. This is where I found Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (you know what I mean)- and I FLEW through this book in one sitting. I wondered- who left this amazing book in the library? I felt like I wanted to keep the book forever, bound to its memory, and was humbled that someone donated a book they liked. I know this revelation sounds small, but this is a huge lesson in APARIGRAHA, non-attachment. I learned non-attachment through the avid stewards of FLL that continue to give their favorite and most treasured books to the community. They want nothing in return! On the last day of our stop at this trailer park, I dropped off a few old murder mystery books and some Maeve Binchy before our journey continued.
Josh and I proceeded to find FLLs all over Northern California, Oregon and Washington. To this day, I keep copies of old books in my trunk so that I can stop, drop and FREE LITTLE LIBRARY whenever I randomly find one. Some days, I find a book that I want to read. Some days, I am plumping up an empty library. And some days, I am smiling at the magic of seeing a book that I have already read and enjoyed, leaving it for someone else to pick up.

This past weekend, I had the first of many FLL Launch Party! Josh and I hosted friends and family at the house. In addition to the wonderful pictures that everyone took of me while I talked about my love of FLL, I took a moment to take a picture of my audience 🙂
I will cherish these photos forever! Thank you husband, my pupper Pinecone, my uncle, my sacred grandmother and MAMA, aunts, cousins, neighbors, best friends, mentors. I baby sat all of those cute teenagers when they were babies, by the way!
In addition to this magnificent event, I also received inquiries for others that want to install a FLL in their home.
Get ready for a FREE LITTLE LIBRARY CIRCUS TENT, YURT, and BIRDCAGE! Think I’m kidding? See you in a few months!

Thank you, thank you friends and family for coming! Super shout out to Josh, my favorite person to look at when I am public speaking. Thanks burb 🙂



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