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An Advocate for Apartment Yoga – #TeacherTuesdays

When I became a Yoga Teacher, I had no idea how many fun and funky opportunities would come my way! I have taught in libraries, gyms, studios, conference rooms, dance studios…but the apartment complex opportunities truly pull a dharma cord with me. 

I believe that Yoga should be accessible, and asana in your home environment is a great step in the right direction. Studios are excellent for many, but not all. The modern Yogi needs more options to supplement their practice! Last year, I began teaching regularly at a private apartment complex in the San Diego area. Students are able to roll out of bed with their coffee in hand, pop downstairs and a yoga chariot awaits! I think of how amazing this is as a perk to residents. I find that one of the greatest motivators that narrates my mind when talking about apartment yoga is I wish I had yoga when I lived in an apartment. 

Some students are regular residents, while others bring their in-laws, moms, best friends and lovers alongside them to Yoga on Saturday mornings. Rain or shine, we have the space to practice. I am so honored to teach in such a unique and sacred space! 
Although I provide music and speakers for all of my private clients (link to my Spotify playlist here), I find that no music works best for my apartment yogis. We embrace the sounds that surround us in the city; I love the hum of busy streets. I have also smelled bacon and coffee every morning I have taught at this complex! Vegans can enjoy crackling bacon smells in savasana, right?
Classes are 60 minutes and all levels are welcome. I typically teach a gentle Vinyasa flow, but love adapting my flow according to my yogis and the company that they keep on the weekends! What a wonderful window to the soul. 

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