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Nanny Seeks Free Little Biblioteca #FreeLittleLibraryFriday

IMG_6407Happy Friday! This week’s feature throws us back to the days of yore.

I took the copy of Seabiscuit, and for the second time, I just couldn’t get into it.

In a previous lifetime not too long ago, I worked as a nanny! I have babysat, nanny-ed, and watched children since I was a kiddo myself. Babysitting the neighbor next-door was my first job almost 20 years ago, and my cousins and brother later gave me more practice! To pay for my Yoga Teacher Training, I worked as a nanny for two different families and their infants. Infants mean STROLLER WALKS. I walked over 50 miles around South Park, San Diego, and I believe this is the true hub of active FLLs. They are used, loved, artistically crafted and easily accessible on just about every corner. Bonus: you get to view adorable, historically deemed architecture while sipping a latte and pushing a bebe. This photo was taken while I was in my teacher training, reading asana manuals while rocking a restless and painstricken infant.

Nannying took an incredible amount of patience and  humility, as maternal instincts feel foreign to me and paternal instincts feel natural. I loved my time as a nanny and hope to never do it again. However, I know that it is an incredible skill to have in times of need, which is why I have turned to nannying for a steady income for years. In times of total need, I always know that I can turn to nannying, Poshmark, and my Etsy shop for instant cash. They just require so much….time. Gratitude for my success as a Yoga Teacher so that I currently do not have to rear children.

Looking for $? I suggest URBAN SITTER, an app that was well worth the hoops needed to prove you are baby-sittable. Reliable and great for random cash. Requires patience and trust. I’d give my experience 8/10. I used for about 2 years.

I remember walking by this Free Little Library while pushing a lovely lady when she was only 3 months old…I think about her all the time.

XO Namaste Nanny

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