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I’m Watching You, Wazowski – Free Little Library Fridays

Drooling over this Free Little Library in my San Diego neighborhood! There are so many awesome details to notice:

-This FLL is not registered with an official plaque, but rather, has homemade signage. Libraries do not have to be registered, leaving their location anonymous. Most libraries that I stumble upon are registered, but this one has gone rogue!

-Woodland creatures galore- I love all of the small trinkets that have been attached to this free little library! I daydream and imagine that these little tchotchkes were left here by fellow readers, and the owner of the library slowly attached her offerings to the roof. I wonder what strange things we will find inside our Free Little Library- in the past I have found empty cans of beer- haha. Perhaps we need more trashcans, too.

-Repurposed paned door- I love the bright green latch that keeps the door shut! Many FLLs have an additional latch to keep the door from swinging open and allowing moisture inside. I love seeing the creative ways that people latch with what they have. I have been sketching ‘interactive’ doors in my dreamstate- libraries that open like a gumball machine, open like a drawbridge or require a button to open. Cool!  *To date, 02/14/20, I have only seen doors that open like, well, doors. Left or right swing. I am EAGER to find a new door style!

-MAGAZINE RACK- I love the mini shelf on the bottom that allows for big reads! We actually have a few books donated to our FLL that will not fit vertically. I have been wondering how to display them, and this is a fantastic idea! Love the little shelf

-Hand painted- this is the first feature of a hand-painted FLL. I wonder if the artist painted when the library was already erected, or if they worked on the sides before installing….

I would love to paint our FLL, in due time! Right now, she is brand new and fancy, so we will be leaving her in her simple state, for now. I can’t wait to see the personality that develops! I’ll have to keep my eyes on any woodland changes to this free little fella, too. I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always ❤

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