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Beyond Meat Korean Tacos (GF + Vegan) – #ThankfulThursday


Being grateful for food comes very naturally to us! I found these Korean Tacos hiding the fridge section of my local Target and knew that we had to give them a try. I am so grateful for the endless new opportunities that are rising in the gluten free, dairy free and vegan community!

Prior to Beyond Beef, I was unable to enjoy or savor the flavor of meat for 4+ years! I missed the memory and nostalgia of the foods that I grew up with- beef stroganoff, mastacholie, chili and enchiladas just to name a few of the beefy things that brought me joy when I was a kiddo.
We love Beyond Beef and are looking to expand beyond hamburgers! This box was the perfect find with easy ingredients and step by step directions. We were also able to try a few new ingredients that we have never had before: GOCHUJANG. We were scared that it would be too spicy, so we only added half. My advice? Use the whole packet- it’s really not much heat! It is flavor and savor; we are very intolerant to spicy foods and this stuff is tame.


This made a ton of food! 8 tortillas are provided so we each got 4 tacos. 3 was plenty for me, and Josh ate 5! I believe the full-priced box was $19.99, but my local Target had a $10 off coupon for trying to product.
BEWARE: There are many other local crate boxes to choose from, and most of them have animal products. I almost came home with a delicious chicken dish, and then I realized that it was not Vegan. As always, be diligent when reading labels. This is a new an unprecedented time in our society, where Vegan food is much more accessible. Now, when you want to buy plant-based beef, it is located next to the actual meat. I love this, because it creates accessibility for the meat eaters, but it can be tricky for the vegan. I have to go to 5-6 departments in my local grocery to get my usuals. Vegan cheese is in a different part of the deli, nowhere near the dairy. Soyrizo is next to the bacon, beyond beef is at the meat counter,  and many products need to be frozen (GF Vegan bread, for example).

I would absolutely create this dish again! To save money, I am on the hunt for a Vegan + GF Korean BBQ Sauce to keep on hand and we can make our own tacos. Any suggestions highly appreciated!
Happy eating; we are so grateful for food (especially in true San Diego Style- taco form).

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