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Measured Ingredients for the Perfect Spell- #ThankfulThursdays

What a busy week! I asked Josh, what should I be thankful for on Thankful Thursday? He replied, ‘your self-determination’. Insert- CRYING! Thanks for the support, babe. I have had an impending due date hanging over my head for 3 months, and I have successfully sent in my application to my MA program TODAY. With infinite abundance to be grateful for today, I really couldn’t go wrong with what I am writing about- NO ONE regrets gratitude.

With self determination comes great self care. I have had a checklist posted on the back of our office door for MONTHS, listing all of the tasks I slowly needed to enjoy checking off. I love setting myself up for success!  I knew that I needed to supplement with feelings of success, pampering and motivation to work as hard as I do.


I love writing thank you’s! However, I am terribly poor at mailing them. 1 month ago, I wrote all of my heartfelt thank-yous to loved ones for Christmas, Yuletide, and Birthday blessings in December. After much procrastination, I finally pulled out the ole address book and put these magical stamps as a morning meditation exercise. When I am feeling dull, I grab 3-5 blank notebook cards and write thank yous to the first few people that come to mind. This is a great act of SEVA to yourself, and others. Angel cards- I love letting the divine lead. As an avid card puller, both angel and tarot, I enjoy reading messages through the eyes of others. Every few months, I budget for us to buy a deck or two. They really inspire the collective and add an element of affirmation to my life. Here is a link to a similar deck, same illustrator, different theme.

Interested in having your cards pulled? I offer card readings, both in written form and in personal hOMe spreads. Feel free to reach out to me at another way to get to know yourself and your partner! To keep myself grounded, I like to pull a rune. This one will serve us for many moons and I likely will not pull another one for myself for months. This one has truly guided Josh and I with answers to long-asked questions; I am excited to share more about this particular RUNE PULL in the future.  Yoga therapy- I booked an appointment and met with my Yoga Therapist! This is one of my favorite new forms of self care. In the past, I used to budget about $100/month for my yoga membership. Now that I teach asana, I have the privilege of infinite access and have been looking for mentorship in both student and teacher capacities. My Yoga Therapist, Susana Jones, is also the leader of the teacher training program that I graduated from and a guiding light on my path! In this week’s appointment, we discussed my future Yoga Nidra practices, the absence of demonstration in my teaching, and shoulder awareness as I bring my body back to a state of BLISS. No wonder I feel so determined and magical this week!


Having a mentor that you can turn to on a professional and spiritual level is an incredibly powerful business tool that I will never take for granted. Just appreciate when you feel divinely guided to study under another! Thanks for taking me under your wing, Urban Yogi. Chanting, chimes, calories, cheesy bread in bed- what more can a girl want? In order to conjure magic, you need a little bit of all the right ingredients. Cook’s rosemary sourdough bread and daiya cheese have made my VEGAN fantasies come true! If you have a busy week coming up, pamper yourself with pre-scheduled self care. Whether spiritual, monetary, or physical, find pleasure in the journey and appreciate how hard you are able to work. I will never take this mind for granted!

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