Free Little Library Friday · Upcycle

Maeve Binchy Follows me Everywhere- Free Little Library Fridays


Another gorgeous feature: this week’s Free Little Library had a lovely Maeve Binchy inside! I love Maeve and first read her copy of Circle of Friends for a high school required read. I absolutely loved her style of writing and attention to detail. My Irish and Catholic roots easily sink in to the turmoils of her familiar characters. The copy featured in this FLL stayed put, as I have read Echoes and was happy to leave it for the next reader! I read Echoes on our roadtrip travels in 2016. I vividly remember reading this outside of the American River in Colfax, CA. We camped there for 7 nights! I can close my eyes and take myself there. Thanks, Maeve.

I would like to guess that this FLL was made with a repurposed window, reincarnated as a door. Noticing the funky knobs brings a smile to my face!

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