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Aromatherapy with Teens- Well Read Wednesday

On today’s Well Read Wednesday, I am very excited to share the sacred texts that I have been collecting over the years! In 2016, I jumped head first into aromatherapy. Josh and I were living minimalist, primitive and on the road. We started making our own laundry soap. From there, we made shampoo and conditioner, bug spray, and surface spray cleaners. Our biggest goal was to save money, make everything ourselves, and heal dandruff. We did all 3! After completing my yoga teacher training in 2017, I came upon a lot of fun resources from OMies near and far. If you know me, you know I love books . It is so rewarding to find your like-minded cOMmunity and reap the bounty of not 2 not 3, but 9 books on aromatherapy to bring to high school.Start with safety! Not all oils are meant to be used topically or ingested. This is a smell-only exercise. Respect the bottles with care and keep lid screwed tightly at all times; truly, metaphors for life blossom from simple etiquette!Teens love aromatherapy! Their reflections on smells and how they connect with them are intuitive and often hysterical. Students were asked to pick a book from the aromatherapy mandala and find a plant or oil that would alleviate balance in the pranamaya kosha. (Think: sleep aid, stress reducers, organ support and function, and vitality levels)

They were also invited to share any general musings or discoveries during their smell journey. I loved reading of memory association; many teens experienced memory recall upon smelling patchouli and clove, for example.

These books enjoyed having life and young fingers fluttering through them.

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