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For this Muse Monday, I have decided to honor the moving meditation that brings me the most joy: hiking! I decided in 2020 to participate in the 52 Hike Challenge. The goal is to hike once a week for an entire year, with flexible rules and the contingency that the hike be 1 mile or longer. I am an avid long-distance hiker, so I enjoy local San Diego hikes in the 7-12 mile length (that I can find!). Usually, I would even poo-poo a 1 mile hike. Well, cheers to the present moment, for we currently live less than a few blocks from one of 20+ Tecalote Canyon Trailheads in San Diego county! Needing daily accountability for walking our Rhodesian Lab (aka Infinite Energy), I knew that a 1 mile hike was easy to do, at any time, to get my hiking fix. I can substitute our daily walking ritual for a daily hiking ritual. I just need to try a new route, create a new priority, and remove a few limiting beliefs. I love the accountability of a challenge! My schedule rarely allows for long distance hikes (present moment), so I will enjoy them when they come, and hike lil beeb hikes in the meantime. I have already posted my hike musings on Instagram since the new year started. Enjoy looking through this Archive here of hikes 1-7 on my journey so far!


#52hikechallenge2020 #52hikechallenge #52hikechallenge2020kcorder

Hike 1/52: Tecalote Canyon (01/03/2020)
Distance: 2.6 Miles
Companions: Josh, Pinecone 🐾
Animal Magic: Hummingbird (pictured), Mourning Cloak Butterfly, 3 Hawks and a Falcon, Gnats

Musings: because this hike is in our neighborhood, I really have no excuse not to hike once a week. I know the challenge asks you to hike 52 times in 365 days, but once a week appeals to me for consistency. I likely reached 30-40 hikes last year and will also likely nerd out on gathering this information, like I used to.


Hike 2/52: Marian Bear (01/07/2020)
Distance: 1.66 Miles
Companions: Pinecone 🐾
Animal Magic: Spider, bird chatter
Musings: More to be had. There are a few nooks and crannies I haven’t explored that I’d like to get back to… @ Marian R. Bear Memorial Park


Black Dog πŸ™‚

Hike 3/52: Tecalote Canyon (01/08/2020)
Distance: 1.42 Miles
YTD: 5.68 Miles
Companions: Pinecone 🐾
Animal Magic: bird feather 🌞
Musings: Surprised myself hiking 3 times in a week; I have a feeling I ain’t done. Looking forward to logging higher mileage, but appreciating the small windows of hiking opportunity built into my daily life 🐾 Pinecone made me do it today, as he nose-punched the door handle until I succumbed to the present moment πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί I’m looking to hike every nook and cranny of Tecalote, so each hike is a wee different/same. Need a buddy πŸ€—

4Hike 4/52: Tecalote Canyon
Distance: 1.47 Miles
YTD: 7.15 Miles
Companions: Pinecone 🐾 who is Cathy Hopper, Marian Bear? These magical Clairemartian women who changed San Diego landscape in the 70s, am I their reincarnate?
Animal Magic: circling bird in the sky , and sadly, a dead possum.
More on that later 🌞

5Hike 5/52: Elephant Trees Trail
Distance: 1.11 Miles
YTD: 8.26 Miles
Companions: Josh, Not dog friendly 🚫 🐾
Animal Magic: just us doing our thang 🌡 @ Ocotillo Wells, California

Hike 6/52: Tecalote Canyon (01/29/20)
Distance: 1.51 Miles
YTD: 9.77 Miles
Companions: Cone 🐾
Animal Magic: a Tecalote πŸ¦‰ herself! Owl carrying twigs and branches with beak, soaring over Genessee. White and glorious, I felt like I saw Hedwig ⚑️

Hike 7/52: Lopez Canyon (01/31/20)
Distance: 2.23 Miles
YTD: 12 Miles
Companions: Chelsea
Animal Magic: squishy terrain πŸ—» thank you for checking off the bucket list with me! I will absolutely be hiking Lopez canyon a few more times; I like doing every possible nook and cranny, entrance and exit point.

Chugging along in this challenge! 😍 @ San Diego, California

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