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Le Vegan, Le Thankful

Somewhere in 2013- I gave up Gluten. Farewell, bear claws.

Cinco de Mayo 2015 I gave up dairy. Farewell, momma’s homemade queso dip.

July 31st 2016, I gave up red meat. Farewell, chorizo cooked on an outdoor fire somewhere near Mt. Shasta.

January 18th 2018 I gave up chicken. Farewell, fajitas at El Zarape. (And sorry husband, I died at dinner on your birthday)

January 30th 2020, the day I went Vegan! Farewell animal products.

I love and accept everyone unconditionally as they are and as they eat. I am surrounded by variety. I respect how everyone chooses to nourish their body and that it’s nonna anyone’s gaddam business. I co-exist in harmony. But if my journey resonates, if you need an ear, just one call away, I am here. This means big changes for my (our) business, and I’m not too sure about how to navigate with my wardrobe. Side note does anyone else remember dates like I do? I can clearly remember each food break-up I ever had. Today is the first day it didn’t feel like I had to give up anything. I just went there 🙂

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