Healing Modalities · Well Read Wednesday

The Book of Floating – Well Read Wednesdays

Have you ever taken a float in an isolation tank? We did!

My bestie and I were incredibly curious about the fad in 2018 and purchased a Groupon for a Floating Sanctuary in San Diego. As we sat in the lobby, we were amazed at the literature on the table. Newbies to the ritual, it was really fun to geek-out on information about all things FLOAT THERAPY.

Our biggest takeaways? We wished we were together! We were each in our own isolation tank for 60 minutes and missed one another, haha. I definitely understand the benefits of practicing solo, but we would have loved to float into one another, bumper-car style. I would definitely float again. I often have floating dreams and dreamstate, so the experience felt…familiar.


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