Dream Catchers · Muse Monday

Forever Inspired on a Muse Monday

Here are a few of my favorite dream catchers I crafted in 2019! I am proud and honored to take the time to reflect on my work, as I am really, like really, terrible at archiving and photographing my catchers. I get so excited to give them as gifts, that I forget to capture them entirely. I also work best under pressure, so I am usually out the door while clamping feathers and knotting bits. Luckily, I remember them forever! Thank you to everyone who placed a custom order, as special requests really spark my creativity and give birth to some of my favorite pieces, like this double decker nursery mobile: a very special vegan catcher was requested! Instead of feathers, I repurposed fabric for the tendrils. Not everyone likes bird bits hanging over them- I can work with that!!

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