Free Little Library Friday · Hiking San Diego · Well Read Wednesday

Free Little Library Fridays!

Long before I was a stewardess of my own Free Little Library, I was an avid seeker of FLLs across the Pacific Northwest and San Diego! I have a phenomenal collection of photos of libraries and wanted to share some of my….inventory. I named this first one, LEND me your EAR, due to the EAR knob. My bestie and I discovered both libraries shown on a hike in San Diego as we passed through residential areas. One hike was near Solana Beach, and the other in good ole North Park. I will always stop, drop and FLL if I see one! They bring me such joy, and I keep ample books in my backseat in the true spirit of: TAKE A BOOK, LEAVE A BOOK (if you can and are able!!!) (Photos from June 2017)


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