Desert Travels · Thankful Thursday · Trailer Time

A Very Thankful Thursday

Desert babies! There’s nothing that we love more than a weekend out in the desert. San Diego is such a magical place, and very few travel to the outskirts of town to discover and roam. On a beautiful Sunday during a three-day weekend, Josh and I were the only people out on the trails. No soul to be sighted! The sound of nature and the present moment pulses through our veins. We spent the weekend looking at rocks and ancient plants, hunting down the whereabouts of our dog, and eating ice cream cake!

I had never made ice cream cake before, but Josh has been wanting one forever. The irony of it all is, that I, I alone, really ate all of the birthday cake. I have a much stronger sweet tooth than Josh, and I feel so shameful that I need to make him another one- haha. This one was a gluten free brownie base, Soy Delicious salted caramel cashew ice cream (melted and poured over the brownie), and crunchy brownie bits wedged into the cake after chilled for 30 minutes. It was very easy to make, and even easier to eat. Next time, I’ll be using Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream! It is no small feat to drive 2 hours to the desert with an ice cream cake!

Another great weekend in the books, we have been daydreaming of being in the desert ever since we left. Next time I’ll: make two ice cream cakes, remember to bring my fanny pack, and stay a little bit longer 🙂

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