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Teacher Tuesdays

Welcome to Teacher Tuesdays! #teachertuesday as I reflect and share some of the tools and musings of my day to day schedule. In the last few months, I have acquired a few incredible yoga props, and I am so excited to share!

Cleanliness, Saucha, is such an important part of the discipline. By keeping our practice space clean, we eradicate the ego by applying consistency as something we can always rely on. As a student of yoga, I was trained and taught with such a saucha-minded mentality that it has always been a no-brainer. Every studio that I worked at was immaculate, had instated rules about the cleanliness of the space, and I always felt comforted by the reliability of keeping our cOMunal space sacred. Constant rituals of spraying down your mat, washing your clothes and sweaty towels, stacking the blocks in a perfect row, folding blankets in a consistent crease, stacking shoes symmetrically next to one another…Somewhere along the way, cleanliness has been redefined, and a little too much leniency allowed in the practice space. When saucha is applied, a mouthwash affect sprinkles its way into your life. Saucha has an immediate reward! An immediate positive affect on your mental state and environment. May you be inspired by the repurposed bins that I have created to store over 120 yoga mats! Between 90 students and 30+ spares, and no rules beforehand, the world was my oyster. What could I create with what I already have?

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