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Nerd Alert- I love my printer so much I’m gonna blog about it.

Meet my trustee printer πŸ™‚ 2+ years ago, my parents bought us this printer before we hit the road. I’m still obsessed πŸ€“

You connect to the printer via Wifi, either on your phone or your computer. The interface is really simple; you’ll need to download the Epson Print App.

It holds a charge really well! I can print about 20-25 pages before recharging. You can keep this printer plugged into the wall at all times, if you’d like. However, when we were on the road, we only had power when the sun was shining 🌞 via solar panel with a USB adapter.

When we hit the road in 2016, the back of our trailer was loaded with things to sell. Dream catchers, beanies, and all of our clothes from our previous lifestyle had to GO. I had literally hundreds of items to sell: business attire, high heels, makeup, etc. Good Riddance!!!

I had to print shipping labels for my online sales (Etsy and Poshmark) regularly. I somehow maintained an incredible shipping turnaround; there are sooo many post offices on the road. We have memories of the beautiful post offices in Lake Tahoe, where I made giant custom catchers and shipped in FIREWOOD boxes, and we took books from their free little library. We remember the sweet worker in Lassen-Volcanic area, who had my favorite sized boxes in stock and gave me 25! And of course, the most frequented post office was in Portland…and I had the pleasure of morning walks to the post while watching the leaves change in the PNW in September. Ahhh, this post might be about a silly printer, but really, this simple tool allowed us to sell over 800 items, 800 shipping labels!!, with a humble budget. I only spent $89 on ink in 2016, which is quite remarkable for such a small printer.

I highly recommend πŸ™‚ I think it runs about $200 on Amazon πŸ€“ it is a great small business tool that you can keep in your car or pack away if you are an infrequent user.

My next quest is to start refilling the ink cartridges, instead of re-ordering online. Time to step out of my comfort zone and find a place in SD to refill ink!

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