Trailer Perks


 We love Mono Vista RV park! We will most definitely be staying here again. If you’re getting ready to travel, here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about us/the park/our trip/random shit:
When we do longer trips, we typically like to start completely off-grid (like the desert). We start clean, showered, full tanks of water, gas, propane and food. Parking off grid is cheap, if not free. We save money and disconnect, whether free BLM land or $12/a night-type fees. We roam off-grid until supplies are low. Then, when we start running low, we get ‘fancy’. And by fancy, we mean trailer parks. Hook up, water, toilets, showers, laundry, trash, the good life! It’s a good routine to sustain a long road trip. Initially, we were scared of trailer parks (who isn’t?). Regardless of ill-informed opinions and assumptions about trailer parks, the reality of them is that you are VERY close to your neighbors. That is frightening for us! Who likes people, anyway? πŸ˜‰ However, having a trailer is like a secret closet to NARNIA that no one knows about until they experience it, I kid you not.
You think your incense is too smelly, your dinner is too potent, your voices are too loud, your music has too much base, but the reality is….RVs and trailers keep everything tame! It’s tent camping that gets rowdy πŸ™‚ and we’ve all done it. But with Darlene, We were never woken up by noise, neighbors, etc. the trailer really insulates us and if we didn’t know it, we’d think we were still parked in the driveway at home!  We have learned that overall, likeminded people congregate in the same places. Finding a state or national park to share with other people can be easy and seamless, unless you’re that ‘one guy’. It can be communal and exciting. We have already met awesome people and learned so much!!!! The majority of our neighbors are retired, snow birds or both. We have seen tons of pets (mainly dogs and cats), as well as inspiring ways to make pets comfy. Trailer parks seem to have a strong vibe, and you can tell right away by who works at the front desk. Mono vista RV park provided us with 72 hours of joy for under $100. We did three loads of laundry, had hot showers, had a pretty nice view and were right in the heart of beautiful Lee Vining. We picked the park based off Josh’s parents’ recommendation, and we are now relaying it to you! Everyone was nice and helpful. People smiled, which i find noteworthy. For laundry, I recommend always having a stash of quarters. Many people bitch and complain that laundry can get pricey ($3-$5 a load), but honestly that’s a price we are willing to pay for clean clothes. We used to be one of those complainers in apartment living. But, our clothes are dirty and disgusting….$10 in quarters is ‘pocket change’ when on the road! If you want to save $$, many trailer/RV suppliers have clothing-line methods for clothes and linens. We are currently shopping for one (La Mesa RV) that clips onto our outdoor ladder rung and carries 50lbs of wet clothes. It stays mounted on the trailer for travel (take the clothes off before you leave, duh). If you don’t mind wrinkles, pollen and a little sun-bleaching during warmer months, then a clothes line is the way to go! We can’t wait to get ours. To adorn this gorgeous trailer park post, here’s some pictures of a beautiful hike we did while staying at Mono Vista. Parker Lake was a little over 4 miles, filled with breathtaking views, fish, snow, giant paw prints and beaver-chewed logs. We dug it: 

We’d love to hear your trailer park recommendations, especially in Northern California, Oregon, and the Nevada-side of Tahoe! 

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