With a homestead as an end-goal and freedom as our leader, Josh and I always thought we would stay off the grid. We’ve never owned cable, we loved not having Facebook for over 3 years, and we are horrible texters. My phone is always on silent, distant and ignored…and we like it that way. But! Internet is a great tool. With our online business, and long distance from loved ones, we knew Internet was in our future. So, in addition to solar panels, we will also have a pretty good internet connection! The local internet company has us approved and optimistic, but our posts and updates will come sparingly until then. 
Our refrigerator currently runs on propane. It will be on solar soon enough, but until then, we have been having a bit of trouble with the pilot light staying lit. The flame, which is located outside of the trailer, somehow blows itself out. Air bubbles in the propane, gusts of wind, uneven terrain, temperature and altitude all affect the fridge, but we can’t seem to pinpoint which of these factors make our light go out. However, the fridge is well insulated and we haven’t had any rotting food during power-outs (probably because we are so diligent about checking it!) we also eat predominately room-temp food: fruits veggies rice beans bread tortillas snacks snacks snacks 
The worst part about the fridge? Lighting the pilot light is a two-man job. There is about a 20 second window between turning on the pilot light switch (in the trailer, above the fridge) and RUNNING outside, around the trailer because the door is on the opposite side, light the pilot light (battling wind, cold, rain, darkness) and hope it works! So, I stand in the kitchen and Josh lights the fridge, but it’s annoying. We knock and yell and constantly go through BBQ lighters. One night, Josh noticed the light was out when he got up at a cold, dark, ungodly hour. He tried three times to light it without waking me up (aww), but running a marathon out of the trailer typically causes some movement 😂! I woke up laughing so hard (probably not the best response), and we got it going. We are looking forward to solar!!! 
In the meantime, I thought I’d share some pictures of our trip to the tufas! I’m seriously obsessed- we joined the committee, I got a bumper sticker, we bought matching t shirts: it’s serious. Here are some magical pictures we took at the state park. It was $3 per person (self-pay station), and we went at sunset PER recommendation of our studies. (Oh yes, we have maps, books, lists and highlighters aplenty) It was hands- down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! It would have been perfect, but my blood sugar got low towards the end and our trip was cut short. Nowadays, after a low, I am so WIPED out! We had been hiking all day and it was dinner time. Diabetic gypsy isn’t easy y’all!

 Next time we go to Mono lake, we are going to see the tufas at sunrise! This place is a MUST for your California bucket list. I can’t help but make correlations to the rock formation of my sleeve (Houses of the Holy, Giants’s Causeway) and the tufa. I’m sure it’s the porosity of the rocks, but I really think it’s the magical NARNIA affect that the lake has. 
And lastly, we are in the land of Dutch Mafia now. First time back in 6 months and we were called regulars! We feel pretty damn cool. Kelli is off to SD for two weeks, and Josh is keeping Darlene warm (and probably sweeping 57314 beads and feathers from out underneath the dinette- sorry baby!) 


One thought on “Internuts

  1. Haven’t checked you site for quite some time, but the pix are beautiful. How did the gardening go. I hope well since you both were so excited about it. Love Aunt Martha


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