El Baño Especial

One of the last major tasks we completed on the trailer was the bathroom remodel. Overall, it was in pretty decent shape when we purchased Darlene, but the shower and tub had some minor cracks and it was all a in yellow parchment color that looked like someone had been smoking in that bathroom for decades. Kelli and I researched how much everything would be to replace, and decided that a new bathroom would be within our budget.

We decided to replace the tub, the shower surround (the plastic three-sided wall), the skirt (the little piece on the face of the tub), the shower head and the shower faucet. We also picked up a new medicine cabinet at Home Depot which gave us way more bathroom storage space.

Here are some before and after pictures:

Gnomadic 177Gnomadic 271Gnomadic 272Gnomadic 273Gnomadic 274Gnomadic 276Gnomadic 438Gnomadic 440Gnomadic 449Gnomadic 452Gnomadic 516

Gnomadic 511

Gnomadic 453

While we accomplished so much in the bathroom, it is also our room that still needs a lot of attention. The rot in the ceiling (above the shower) still needs to be fixed. Aesthetically, it’s an eyesore. However, the mold and broken plastic has been cleared and is ready to be patched.

As for a shower curtain, Kelli found a regular window curtain that matched our blood-red walls and added a plastic liner to the back. Our walls were not initially red. Kelli painted the cabinet Ottertail (bedroom cabinet color) and Mesa Taupe for the bathroom walls (kitchen cabinet color). Two neutral browns, who would have thought they would look like vomit? So, we bought a red Behr paint sample in Chipotle paste. The walls took 3 coats and the white cabinet took 4-5. White was a nightmare! Luckily, the bathroom is microscopic. It is really hard to take a picture!

Behind the toilet, we have stuck 3 adhesive mirrors on the wall. (12″x12″ Ikea Mirrors). These are not recommended for bathrooms or moist surfaces, but we are taking a walk on the wild side and going for it.

The amazing golden lion head knobs are from Josh’s childhood desk. The desk was beautiful and clunky, but during our downsize we had to get rid of it. The knobs still remain!

The bathroom door (front) is painted black with chalkboard paint. However, the white chalk marker that was for sale directly NEXT to the paint was a white marker for BLACK whiteboards. Not chalkboards- confused yet? Me too. So, the lyrics Kelli wrote on the front of the door are permanent. We want to repaint the door, front and back. The backside of the door is still plain wood. When shut and inside, the door is the biggest empty wall space that we have when inside of the bathroom. Let that soak in for a bit! #tinyliving

The toilet is fully functional and hideous. But, who wants to replace a toilet? Not us, if it works! So, we are going to keep using our current plumbing until it craps out. HA. Our one toilet complaint? We wish we had a foot-pedal for flushing. We have a lever on the side of the toilet, which requires putting your face in arms-reach of the toilet bowl. When we order a new one in the future, we want a foot pedal and white coloring to match the shower!

The floor: We did not put laminate floor in the bathroom for a lot of reasons. We want to replace the toilet eventually, and putting in floor before the toilet installation would be ideal. Cutting the floor to fit the current, round base toilet would have been cumbersome and most likely non-functional. Kelli is going to paint the floor instead (using stencils to create a mandala pattern). In the meantime, the 2 inches of floor space are covered in bathmats.

And finally, the sink. Originally parchment yellow, Kelli just completely painted over it with white paint. Not meant for sinks, not water proof, not shiny, just white paint. Why not? It looks great and cleans easy. We still need to replace the faucet. Faucets are expensive- but are excellent water savers. When we can afford to replace our two faucets (kitchen and bath) we will explain more!

So, more pics to come! We hope to have the bathroom dialed in this summer. The shower works amazingly and gets the job done, which is all we could really ask for! If you need help remodeling your trailer bathroom, don’t call us.

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