Yo I know it’s been far too long since our last post, but we have been busy bees and finally hit the road to live the gypsy life. Before we fill y’all in on our latest and greatest adventures, we’re going to finish up our posts regarding the trailer remodel.

The original floors of the trailer were an ugly white vinyl that definitely had to go. We first thought about painting over them, which probably would have been easier, but we decided to put in hardwood floors instead. There’s all kinds of different flooring to choose from. We went with free-floating panels that stuck together, (kind of like a puzzle!), with an adhesive strip. It only took Josh about two days of work to finish the entire trailer! The panels were super easy to install and kind of fun too! Only word of advice we have for you: Measure twice, cut once!
The only things that we used to install the floors: measuring tape, straight edge, exacto knife, and a pencil. No power tools required, which was a plus for us.

Gnomadic 527Gnomadic 520Gnomadic 529Gnomadic 528Gnomadic 519Gnomadic 517Gnomadic 508


In addition to the (fake) wood floors, Kelli and I also built a wooden desk and a new wooden table top made out of pine wood. We are very pleased with the outcome! They still need some staining and finishing but they are already fully functional 🙂 The stain that we used on the table is in espresso; we plan on staining the desk and a few other oddities with the same stain. As you can tell from previous photos, we also painted the refrigerator black. (It was previously wallpapered with a fake wood decal- gross). Kelli bought a sample of black Behr paint (only $2.99) for the project, and we had enough left over to paint a few other things. We highly recommend buying paint samples and small quantities of paint. We have TOO MUCH PAINT. Does anyone love our colors? We’d love to trade ya. We have an almost entire gallon of Juniper Ivy, which is the blue color in the kitchen. Kelli would love to paint and refurbish a beachy/retro dresser with the paint, but time and space aren’t on our side for quite some time.

Gnomadic 431Gnomadic 434Gnomadic 435Gnomadic 456Gnomadic 457Gnomadic 458Gnomadic 462Gnomadic 537

Gnomadic 536
Josh’s Table

Gnomadic 533Gnomadic 534

Gnomadic 532
Kelli’s Desk

Since the remodel, we have broken Darlene in over three different places: Anza-Borrego, Death Valley, and Lee Vining. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

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